Weekend Wrap-Up: Memorial Day

Hey, y’all!  I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Our family is so thankful for the American men and women who’ve sacrificed their precious lives for our freedom.  God Bless them and our amazing country!


Over our Memorial Day weekend, this precious girl popped up on my Facebook memories from 5 years ago!  Oh my goodness!


I just can’t handle those baby thighs! 😉  This Memorial Day, we did some bubble blowing…img_9896

And lots of pool swimmingimg_9885

We grilled and ate our fair share of delicious food…img_9880

and caught some fireworks while we were back porch sitting.  img_9852

We went for walks, hung out with all of our precious friends, and shot some hoops!img_9897

And posed for our normal Sunday picture!


where shenanigans always seem to follow. 😉

Those two 😉

On Sunday, I wore this dress, and it ended up being REALLY cute!


I have it in navy, and it is the perfect weight for summer!


This dress is so pretty and classic and would be perfect a summer wedding or even to work.  I wore it with my favorite wedges and these earrings. 🙂 img_9790

Memorial Day 2016 was just as sweet as can be.


Hope you had a great weekend also!  Happy Tuesday!   See you tomorrow for our Carpool Book Club!  XOXO Narci

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