Happy Birthday, Jackson :)

(Jackson’s birthday is on Saturday, but since tomorrow is Friday Favorites we get to celebrate our sweet Jackson today.)

Happy 13th Birthday, to my baby!   Jackson Dreffs, you are amazing!


So smart, empathetic,  a trailblazer.  Sweetheart, you have the ability to CHANGE THINGS if you put your mind to it!



You just GET the important things like: Jesus and loving people.  And, I love how you ask big questions and really HEAR the answers!   Son, I am so proud of you!


I love that you are your own person and aren’t afraid to go against the crowd! The world needs more people like you! (Even if this means that you make weird decisions like choosing to root for LSU 😉 )  198673_10150259605449272_4936219_n

 What an example you are setting for your brother and sister!  They are so blessed to have you!11693990_10153183703709272_5824912012203420936_n

You are creative, tenderhearted, and the best violin quarterback that I know.  I am your biggest fan!11873353_10153294298264272_3187051526930042002_n

And, seriously, you are funny as heck.  JACKSON…you have GOT JOKES and make us laugh so hard!


This year has been a transition year for you…New school, new house, new friends, and you have navigated it LIKE A BOSS.

These days, I have to look UP to you when we talk (you are two inches taller than me–how on Earth did THAT happen?), but when we do chat…I am reminded of your graciousness, your heart for the people around you, your humility…I can’t wait to watch what you do over the next year, because it’s going to be a great year for you!


Jackson, thank you for making me a mama…the best job on the planet started with your precious baby face, and I can never thank you enough for that.  Now, let’s celebrate  your big day with video games and #allthejunkfood (you are 13 after all, right? ;))  I love you!

Happy Thursday, y’all!   See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO Narci


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