Show and Tell Tuesday

Hey, y’all!  Today, we are linking up with Andrea for her super fun Show and Tell Tuesdays!


Today’s topic is all about our TRIBE.  And, here they are. 😉


  These girls are MY PEOPLE!


I met these girls through church, and they are so special to me!  In this group of ladies, we love BIG, we support BIG, and we have A LOT OF FUN. 🙂

  Some of us work outside of the home, some of us work at home, and some of us cuddle sweet babies all day long.  Some of us can back a car into a parking spot LIKE A BOSS, some of us are super creative, some of us are amazing foodies…there are encouragers, a few REALLY FUNNY GIRLS, and we can cover every topic possible during a dinner or group text. 😉


I love these girls to pieces!



And our kiddos love each other too. 🙂


Can I tell you? I am so thankful, because I get to see so many of their families as clients as well. 


( And,  a secret from me to you: I consider my clients to be part of my tribe as well.  What an honor to be part of so many special memories! My clients are so amazing and are like family too! )


Finally, I couldn’t NOT include my neighbors as a part of this post!  I have been so blessed to meet the best neighbors when we moved to our new neighborhood this past Fall!  These friendships are new, but I am so super excited to watch these friendships grow!

Thank you so the fun linkup, Andrea!  So excited to read about everyone’s tribes! Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci

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5 replies

  1. Yes!!! We sure can cover a myriad of topics in a seriously short period of time. The picture of us at the Accessory Concierge party made me smile. That was so nice of y’all to come! Love our group and you! And Carter is so happy to have Luke in his tribe as well!


  2. Hi Narci. You are so blessed to have such a diversified “tribe”! How’s Jackson’s toe – saw on yiur IG yesterday about the incident. Hope he’s doing okay.


    • Thank you! And, thank you for asking about J. We took him to the ER for X-rays yesterday and there is no fracture–just an injured big toe. 🙂 He was ordered to sit with his foot elevated for a few days or until it feels better. Xoxo


  3. I wonder who can back into a parking spot LIKE A BOSS? Haha! 😉 That made me laugh. Thankful to be part of your tribe.


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