When His love leads the way.

Last week, hearts broke all over our country…and, here’s the thing…I don’t pretend to be an expert on everything but I do know that there is one true answer to everything…

His Love never fails.
Love Never Fails 8x10

His Love bears ALL THINGS.   His love ENDURES it all.  His LOVE leads the way.

Yesterday at church, I spoke with  both Police Officers and African Americans as they walked through through those doors for the first time: hurt and confused, and desperate for an answer.  And, I am so thankful that an answer lies within the prompting of their broken hearts.   Right now, I am reading Max Lucado’s Applause from Heaven, and this passage stopped me in my tracks over the weekend.img_1216

He waits for those “in the midst of the storm.”  Stopping what we normally do here to pray for those who are mourning today…that you might cast your cares on Him.  He is your comfort, and  You are so loved. XOXO

Much love, Narci

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  1. This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart. Last week was horrible and I had such a heavy heart on Friday. I truly believe we are at our best in those moments where we come together and work toward reconciliation, no matter how it looks. It definitely takes Jesus. That last sentence in the paragraph you shared – wow. So thankful he sees us, knows all there is to know about us, and still chooses us! (Sorry for the novel!)


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