Weekend Wrap-up :)

Hey, y’all!!  We had a great weekend!   On Saturday, Rob took all three kids to the lake while I did sessions.  This means that Dixie and I had ALOT of extra time together. 🙂   She didn’t hate that, as you can tell. 😉

Later that day, everyone came home, and we went out for a little date night!  We started with dinner at my favorite restuarant: Javier’s!  Yum!

And, then went to the Dallas Panic Room!img_1255

Have you heard of this?  Basically, you solve a series of puzzles and/or mysteries to escape a room.  We did the museum heist themed room and had SO MUCH FUN!  Here is our Panic Room guide, Nam, and he was precious and so helpful!


 And, here I am with the Priceless Tiki that we had to retrieve…but don’t let this picture confuse you.  I was pretty much useless at figuring out those clues! ha!  img_1246

These cute girls are my neighbors, and we had so much fun on our adventure!  It’s so hard to come up with new, fun things to do on date nights, but the Dallas Panic Room did not disappoint!  img_1258

The next morning, we had a few silly giggles at the front door before heading to churchimg_1272

And, then, I took the younger kids swimming while Rob worked on a few things at the house and Jackson hung out with his friends!


Perfect, easy, and fun weekend!   This fall is looking to be SO crazy busy with the kids’ activities and such, so I am letting myself enjoy the lazy days of summer even more so this year.  These really ARE the days.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci

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  1. I’m so glad you guys made it out!! Javier’s is one of our favorites! Now, I’m craving chips, butter, and that tomato sauce at 5:00 am!!


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