Back to School

Hey, y’all!!  Today, I am thinking about Back to School preparations and sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks!!   

These are the things that work for our family, but I am hoping y’all will share your tips as well!back-to-school-clip-art

Start now! 

School starts in about a month for us, but I like to start preparing nice and early!  If you start now, you can watch sales, not be rushed during the process, and have the best selection of items that you need to purchase!

Take Inventory of what you need, and make a list for each child!

Now is the time to pull out the backpacks, lunch boxes, and take stock of your kids school clothes.  Make a detailed list of what each child needs, and mark things off as you get them!

Schedule Dental, Vision, and Physical Exams.

Doctors’ offices tend to get super busy the few weeks before school starts!  Go ahead and make your appointments now, so you can get in before the rush!

Organize required paperwork and other documents  

Immunizations records, Proof of Residency, Birth Certificates, and more.  Pull all of that now, and put them somewhere safe but where you can access them easily!

School Supply Lists. 

If your school offers back to school supply packages, then that is perfect!  If not, then go shopping early on a weekday morning!  It won’t be super  busy at that time of the day. 

Start a back to school tradition.  

You can read a special book, add a charm to a special charm bracelet, or bake something fun! At our house, we plan individual dates for us with each child in the weeks leading up to the first day.  On the night before, we read a special book!  On the morning of, we make Blueberry muffins, eggs, and bacon for breakfast!

Establish a routine and keep it!  

  It will make getting out the door, and the homework/dinner/sports crunch that much easier!

Back to school preparations can be so exciting for kids!  Have your kids help write their list, and mark things off!  This is a great way to keep them busy on a hot, summer day!

Happy Thursday, y’all!! We’ll be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites!! XOXO Narci

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