Let’s talk about it Tuesday!

So, I don’t know about y’all, but I love getting tips and tricks from my girlfriends about the latest things going around!!  So, I thought it might be fun to start a new monthly feature where we do just that!

So, each month, I will be sharing about a certain item/topic/activity..and how it worked or didn’t work for me!  This month, we are getting Oily!

So, in June, I was at a session and was bombarded by a batch of chiggers.  If you don’t know what a chigger is, then consider yourself lucky!  They are tiny bugs that are invisible to our naked eye and like to bite!  After that session, I had 83 chigger bites, and I was miserable!   My friend, Angie, offered to hook me up with her essential oils as a solution.  Her oil remedy (Lavender and Tea Tree Oil) cured the bites almost overnight, and I was sold!   She encouraged me to buy a Starter Kit since I had such a great  experience with the oils, and I totally agreed!  I was a little nervous because I had no idea what I was doing, but I dove right in and I am so glad that I did!!

My kit came last week, and I literally squealed when it came!   Fun mail is the best kind of mail!  Who needs bills, y’all? 😉 DSC_6985

And, I have to admit, I love anything in mini size, so those little bottles were super cute all lined up in the box!   haha!  We’re being honest here, right?!  I was a big fan of the presentation!DSC_6993

Underneath the oils are some smaller bottles to use during your oily adventures, a bonus essential oil, a roller ball so you can roll the oil onto skin, etc, and a sample of their natural vitamin/energy drink.  DSC_7043

Also, I loved all of the information that came with the kit!   This cheat sheet was so helpful!

Plus a product guideDSC_7004

and the magazine on the left hand side!DSC_7003

Since then, we’ve been diffusing like crazy, and I have been rubbing the Lavender onto our pillows each night!  It has been wonderful! Here is a video of us  making dinner on Sunday night!  I had oils diffusing while we made dinner and did puzzles!   So relaxing!


This video doesn’t exist

 So far, I am a big fan! I am loving Lavender


And Stress Away

Do you get into Essential Oils?  If so, what are your favorite oils or uses?  Hope you girls like this new feature!   What would YOU like to see us talk about next month?  Let me know!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci


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  1. I started using oils a few months ago. Love the lavendar and I put it on my pillow too. I have the starter kit and need to delve into it more. Lemon is great in water. Enjoy!


  2. Yay!! I am so excited for you!!! We have been using Young Living for just over a year and I cannot brag about them enough- because they work!!! Plus we’ve been able to replace toxic products in our home- everything from the laundry room, cleaning, and the bathroom! I share our journey on my blog and on Instagram #hpagoesoily


  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! I love adding Frankinsence to my face with my moisturizer. It is an acquired smell but seeing the benefits help. RC when you have a cold or allergies is amazing. Plus I just made all natural bug spray with my starter kit and my whole family loves it. They love the smell.


  4. I love my oils! My favorite from young living is the kids kit! They’re already diluted find ready to use on them! Good choice on young living, they are hands down the best! Since you get terrible allergies you must try lemon, lavender and peppermint together! I made (out of and empty used bottle) a roll on for my son to use whenever he needed! We also diffused every night and I made him a pill to take internally. Taken internal is a total personal decision but that trio has been life changing! He doesn’t get killer allergies anymore! The oils work! One last thought, if you put lemon in your water make sure you’re using a glass cup, it’s very acidic and will melt plastic or pull the toxins from the plastic.


    • Katie, I was hoping someone would have some tips for Allergies!! Thank you! Also, I am going to check out the kids kit! So smart about the glass cup! You are the best!!


  5. I put the lavender on a cotton ball and put it in my vacuum cleaner bag. Every time I vacuum, the air smells great!

    I use lemon and peppermint in a spray bottle mixed with water. I spritz it on the furniture and the beds and it smells heavenly.

    Finally, my pediatrician recommended putting tea tree oil in my kiddos’ shampoo to keep away the “hair fairies” (or dreaded lice!). This is a great way to prevent it, as it’s so common among daycare and school-age kids.


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