Back to school traditions

Hey, y’all!  

Today, we are talking about our back to school traditions!


Back to school…I adore my kids’ excitement for a new year!   Each August 1, we start gearing up for back to school!  Yes, we buy backpacks, new shoes, and ALL THE SUPPLIES. However, we also start….

….Soaking Up That Last Bit of Summer! 

This means that we have our “last call” on summer fun! We hit up the water parks, we stay up later than normal, we make the messy crafts I’ve been holding off on, and we have fun like it’s our JOB…

 Filling up their hearts with these moments together is one of my favorite back to school traditions! 

The night before

Our kiddos all have a special book that we’ve been reading to them since they were a baby!  So, on the night before school starts, we read those books with extra special prayers for the upcoming school year!


The First Day of school!

Robert always takes the morning off on the first day, and I am so thankful for his help! He makes a special breakfast for everyone, and we like to walk the kids into their classrooms together!

This was shortly after we dropped off Presley for kinder.  What a special morning!


And, then I get to meet these beautiful moms for brunch!   I love these girls to pieces! This tradition is new and so fun! 


And,  finally, we  celebrate a successful first day with sonic shakes after carpool pick up! img_1943

What are your favorite back to school traditions? 

 Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci

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9 replies

  1. Back to school?!?! It’s so bittersweet! I’m excited for the change in season and new routine but I’m so sad too! Can’t wait until our traditional first day breakfast!


  2. I can’t believe we are talking about back to school. We are mourning the loss of summer over here…but the migas from Spoons will help me get through it. 😉


  3. Presley looks so little in that one picture! What water park did you guys hit up yesterday? Looks like Luke was enjoying himself!!


  4. Only a few weeks left- can’t believe it! My husband and I are both teachers, so our first morning is so hard to not be able to walk our kids to school on their first day each year. This year, we’re going as an entire family to get pedicures (nail polish for the girls and clean toes for the boys!) the day before and enjoy a last meal out as a family before the crazy schedules start.


    • Oh, that’s tough! I appreciate you and your husband’s heart to teach! What a gift for those sweet kiddos! I can’t tell you how many soccer or sports’ games I’ve missed due to my work schedule, so I get that totally! Glad you find other ways to make it special!! XOXO


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