A Day in the Life

Hey, Y’all!  It’s time for a Day in the Life!   I love seeing a little bit of people’s everyday lives!! Maybe you do too!  So, I randomly picked yesterday as my day to document.  And, y’all!  It didn’t exactly start the way I had hoped! 🙂


How on earth did I forget to set my alarm!  I am a big fan of those quiet hours before everyone wakes up to get things done around the house, work, and do quiet time.  So, I had to ditch all of that and kind of just touch on the important parts!  I am a creature of habit, so this really through me off for the rest of the day!

Some quick quiet time with my new 1 year Bible.


Shay recommended this to me, and I have LOVED reading it in the mornings!  Then, my emails and coffee!  img_1986

And, you know I have a thing about making my bed first thing in the morning!  It just makes me happy!img_1985

Robert was working from home, so the kids stayed at home with him since I was running behind while I hit up my Wednesday class at the gym…img_1991

and ran to the grocery store!  I have to say that I laughed when I happened to run into Shay at the store!  We totally should have taken a picture together, but I told y’all!  I just wasn’t on my a-game yesterday!

And then, I met this girl at the pool for lunch and swimming!  Pardon the sweaty no makeup selfies!  It is approximately 1 million degrees here in Texas right now!

We brought cupcakes to celebrate Erika‘s birthday!  The kiddos were  big fans. 😉


After the pool, we went home, took showers, and played with Snapchat Filters. 😉 #becausebutterflycrownsimg_1973

Presley and I are trying to figure out how we can get this filter for real life!  ðŸ˜‰ Yes ma’am Snapchat!img_1969

Before dinner, we gave our cute Dixie a bath!

Presley is a big helper during bathtime!  Such a good, little mama!img_2009

And while the kids dried her off, I worked on some scheduling for work!


I had planned on grilling chicken, but when I saw this recipe that morning…I knew that we had all of the ingredients!  So, I popped this in the crockpot before heading to the pool!  And, it was delicious!!


After bedtime showers, we painted our nails


And, I had a little treat while working and watching Big Brother!


Before bed, I snuck in a few pages of the book I am reading (it’s super cute!)

And, then, off to bed!

Happy Thursday y’all!!  See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO Narci

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14 replies

  1. We’re reading the same book right now! I’m loving it so far! And thanks again for the birthday celebration yesterday!!


  2. OH missing my alarm throws my whole day off too. And, my day starts with a cup of coffee and time in the Word and prayer. Can’t imagine a day without that start. So enjoyed sharing in your day.


  3. Blah on missing your alarm! Because I take a 5:30am boot camp class, if I miss my alarm I’m forced to miss my work out (I just don’t have the motivation to do it on my own!) and it tends to ruin my day. Next time I need to turn it around like you did! Love day in the life posts!


  4. Awwww love this post!! I do a day in the life on the first of every month (or the 5th, or the 20th when its one of THOSE months haha 😉 ) Loved getting to check yours out too!


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