All about these three. :)

Well, school starts in these parts next Monday! And, each year before they head back, I share a little about our kiddos: their personalities, their interests, and such…so I can remember these little details as they grow older!  Here we go!


He’s our biggest boy…He turned THIRTEEN YEARS OLD this summer!  How on Earth did that happen?

Jackson is smart…and I have so enjoyed watching him put that to use this summer!  I love the way his brain works!

Jackson is a big picture thinker, the king of the one-liners this summer, a WAY OUTSIDE OF THE BOX-er…He’s humble and kind and currently gunning to be the tallest in our family (Watch out, Dad! ;))

 He’s currently into Football, Baseball, and playing the Violin.  Name a professional player, and he probably has memorized their stats this summer. πŸ™‚  Jackson Dreffs: if you put your mind to it, there isn’t a stinking thing that you couldn’t do.

 can’t wait to watch him TAKE 8th grade!



Oh, Luke..  this year he turned 8, and it’s such a shame that he feels the need to hide his true personality. πŸ˜‰  img_2491

It’s crazy to think that we started trying to get pregnant with this sweet boy a little over 12 years ago! He is the answer to so many years of prayers! God is so good!

Luke is laid back, a lot of fun, and the kind of person that people just find easy to love.  Luke has always been ready to give the biggest hugs this summer!  He is super competitive, works hard, and is the best storyteller I know.  πŸ™‚  Currently, he’s into Soccer, playing Pokemon, and being outside!

Luke Dreffs:  you make our family an INSTANT PARTY!  …we are so proud of you, son! Second grade is lucky to have you!



Presley Grace.  You are 6 years old as I write this, and as far as I’m concerned you will always be that cute bald baby that I held all those years ago!  

Presley is sparkly, bouncy, and has skipped pretty much everywhere this summer. πŸ˜‰ She’s a mini-fashionista, and this girl’s got jokes and killer comedic timing! I have loved watching you grow into your personality this summer, girlfriend! Presley isn’t a baby anymore!

She’s sweet but tough, hardworking…athletic and super competitive.  Presley Dreffs: you GET THINGS DONE!  Currently, Presley is into cheerleading and is playing soccer this Fall!

 Presley is going to rock 1st grade, and we love her so very much!


Looking forward to another fun school year this year!!  Great things are coming!  See y’all tomorrow for Friday Favorites!! XOXO Narci

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