Our Morning Routine

Hey, y’all!  Some of you have asked about our morning school routine, so I thought I’d share what works for us!

My day starts nice and early.  On days that I have plans to head to the gym or walk with neighbors, I set my alarm  for this time.  ðŸ™‚ img_2880

On the days that I don’t have plans to get sweaty, I wake up a little earlier (4:25)  so I can take a shower and get ready before the kids get up. 🙂

First stop: I head to the kitchen for some coffee and breakfast

and my quiet time

…followed by work emails!  Also, I make sure to send any emails that need to get to my kids’ teachers at this time as well so I don’t forget later in the day!   I make lists for my day and go over what my schedule looks like!img_2781

Jackson has to wake up super early for football, so I normally take a break to make him eggs before he heads out! 🙂img_2774

While I’m doing that, I finish putting together lunches from the night before and make sure everyone’s backpacks are all set! img_2773

And, write everyone a little note just for fun!img_2775

After Jackson leaves, I usually move laundry around, finish up any last minute emails, and get dressed for the morning!

Then it’s time to wake up and feed our other two cuties!  I took this picture on Friday, and their breakfast request was Sausage and Toast. haha.  I like to choose my battles in parenting, so I obliged.  ðŸ™‚img_2782

I always have the kids get dressed before breakfast, because I have one who gets very distracted if there are too many trips up and down the stairs in the morning. 😉   After breakfast, we brush teeth, fix hairimg_2783

grab backpacks and head off to the bus stop! 🙂   I love a pretty morning sky!  Don’t you? 🙂

And, then, they head off for their day!   img_2729

The bus is a new thing for us this year!   Last year, we used to pray for everyone’s day while we drove to school…so I am thinking we should add that into our routine before we head out to the bus!  What’s your best morning routine TIP!   Share in the comments!    Have a great Monday!  XOXO Narci

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  1. My husband and his siblings would pray in a little circle -just a quick minute or two- before they headed out for the bus each morning! But I love their breakfast request! They know what they want 😉


  2. I am so impressed that you can get up during the 4:00 hour. I can barely function during the 6:00 hour. What time do you go to bed? I also have little ones so I don’t have to get anyone out the door super early. I’m sure my time will come! I wish that I could get up earlier and complete all these tasks. It sure would make my day better!


    • I really didn’t get up early when my kids were little. I would try, but their sleep was so hit or miss that I was tired. Plus I had nap time to get things caught up! It’s “easier” when they’re older and you really have to get up early anyway.

      I’ve found I really set the tone for the day and I’m more easily able to manage their complaints/moods/occasional noncompliance of morning routine if I’m fully awake, have worked out, and had coffee. The days I sleep till the last minute are the days I end up fussing at them and sending everyone off in bad moods. And that’s just not a good way to start anyone’s day.

      Life is always changing, so you may be joining us early morning people one day! 🙂

      PS- I usually go to bed around 9:30pm, but have been known to fall asleep before 8 some days. :0 I wake up at 4:45am


  3. How do you ladies get up at the 4:00 hour?? Lord Jesus I would die!! Also, do you pack sandwiches the night before? Do they taste good the next day? That would cut my time in half the next morning. Love that bus pic! Beautiful sky!


    • Laci, haha! I get it! I love my sleep–it’s a trade-off for sure! I pack everything except the sandwiches right as they come home from school (while they are doing homework) and leave the sandwiches for the next morning. 🙂


  4. Oh, I was always an early riser when our kids were home and it made all the difference in my day. I now sleep just a tad later but have always enjoyed getting up and getting a head start on my day.


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