What’s happening here

What’s happening here?  Well, there have been some gorgeous skies

some pettiskirt twirlingimg_2859

And a little girls’ fun sprinkled in

We did a little fangirling when Chip and JoJo were in town!img_2940

SO FUN to see them in person!img_2943

With a little dressing room shenanigans mixed in for good measure! img_2928

And, my working moms…you know how I feel here.  This week, I peeled up to bus stop after a long newborn session with no room for my actual kids in my car.  lol.  #groceries #newborn props #momguilt

Sometimes I am SO ON TOP of it, and then there are the days like this…where….well, not so much 😉  Happy Thursday, y’all!  See you here tomorrow for our favorites! XOXO N

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  1. I would have had an awkward fan girl moment and waved any time Jojo looked my way. 🙈🙈🙈. It’s so fun that you girls and your girls had a girl’s night!


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