Back to School Organization Tips


Hey ladies!!  Once a month, we discuss a relevant topic or fun product!  Last month, we discussed Young Living Oils…and today, we are discussing a question that I get a bunch…How do I keep myself and the kids organized during the school year?  I am definitely not perfect, but I am happy to share what works for our family!

So between the three kids, I get emails from 7 teachers, 1 football coach, 1 orchestra teacher, 2 soccer coaches, and 2 principals.  Somedays I feel like it is full time job corresponding with all of these awesome peeps! 😉  So, here are my top 3 tips on how to keep it all straight!

Write it all down


I write everything down in my Erin Condren planner and on a calendar white board near our laundry room!  This helps keep everything organized!

The planner is mostly for my sanity, and the whiteboard is for the rest of the family so that they can see our month as well! Soccer games, football practices, birthday parties…it’s all there!

Create a separate email account for your kids’ teachers and coaches

This tip is golden!  Before I did this, the football coach’s emails were getting lost among the Gap ads and spam!   Now, I can easily find all of the emails that I need!


Also, I make sure to email the kids’ teachers first thing in the morning so that they have plenty of time to respond that day!

Prep it all the night before


Lunches, backpacks, and outfits…we prep it all the night before just so that there is very little to do during our morning routine!   This helps things run smoothly, and removes the stress from getting out the door!

What are your best back to school organization tips?  I love hearing all of your great ideas!  Sound off in the comments!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci




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  1. I’m a middle school teacher and mom. Make sure to always sign up for the teachers’ Remind texts, and if your child has a phone, they should sign up, too. Also, if your student is in middle school, they most likely have a school email account. Get them using it and have them take responsibility for contacting teachers about absences (when possible), questions about homework, or setting up tutorials.


  2. Ok….flipping brilliant in the school, sports exclusive email! I have a few that I’m excited for now that you shared that tip!! I have the calendars and the whiteboard. I have a menu for the week as well. I have a 3rd and 5th grader, so the teacher emails, projects, paperwork that come home in the folders and agendas is scary! I take a picture of the form or sheet of information daily and email it to myself with a specific subject line ….Katie’s Field trip10/13/16. Then, I get it in the calendar the next day. Purge kids backpacks daily. And…routine, routine, routine. I made fun checklists that I lamented for what the kids needed to do before school and after school from the beginning. They loved checking off everything. They both just roll through without being told what to do now and are always on time.! Also…..have a backup breakfast, lunch and snack for the days something goes wrong (mommy has a migraine). Frozen waffles, I hide a box of granola bars and juice boxes in the pantry for after school snack, (I hide because they are free game otherwise!!) things like that.


  3. Since I work at my girls school, I get to ignore a lot of the emails that come in as I already have the dates on my calendar…. But it also helps because we finish homework at school! As soon as the girls get to my office they sit down and do their homework while I finish up with my work. That way when we get home, it’s all done. And my oldest reads in the car to free up more time!


I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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