Let’s Talk about it Tuesday: Encouragement


Hey, friends!  Once a month, I share about  a certain item OR topic for our: “Let’s talk about it Tuesday!” This month, I am talking about my favorite encouraging reads. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have everything figured out quite yet ;).  so So, I  always like to be reading something that pushes me spiritually and personally.

The Best Yes


Most times, I pass my books on to my girlfriends after I finish reading, but this one is so marked up and underlined…that it is just sitting on my bookshelf forever. haha!

This book spoke deeply  to me, because I love to say yes to people and make everyone happy.  If you struggle with this, there is so much truth sandwiched in between these two covers for you!

Been there!ripcurrent

I can not tell you how many times I have found myself feeling that, but this book does such a great job of illustrating how you can trap yourself with that behavior!  What a relief for all of the yes-girls out there!

That quote stops me in my tracks every single time I read it.  Seriously, so good!  If you haven’t picked it up yet, then do it soon!  You won’t be disappointed!


This was my first book to read of Priscilla Shirer’s, and it was amazing.  This book completely changed the way that I look at Prayer and was so convicting!1002f870c820152f4a391f404f9b10ce

fa85bc600ccb6c0ec648900703c3a868 Just yes!  Prayer is so powerful, and this book is so good at helping you mold your prayer life.  I loved everything about it! 3a8dee54fa1da362d4dc3d13cbdddc58

For the Love


Here’s the deal…I don’t always agree with everything Jen Hatmaker says.  However, she is a truly gifted encourager…and this book was a great example of that!  I read through this book in record time, and you will love it as well.  No one can make you laugh like Jen Hatmaker….and you WILL laugh and cry and be so blessed by it!

Anything Beth Moore


I have read a handful of her books and done almost all of her studies…and she’s yet to disappoint!   If you have the opportunity, check out some of her books and see what speaks to your heart right now.  I can pretty much guarantee you will love the book and her. 🙂

What’s your favorite Encouraging Read?  Share in the comments!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci

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  1. Oh yes loved The Best Yes, Fervent and all of Priscilla Shirer’s studies, and all Beth Moore’s studies. Just finished Beth’s latest Entrusted which is from 2 Timothy. Read 2 Timothy Chapter 4 Verses 1 thru 4. And then Jen Hatmaker had that interview and I thought oh goodness. Have to really pray for her.


  2. Uninvited was a-MAY-zing and I just started Present over Perfect. Looks to be another one I’ll have to add to my bookshelf instead of passing along! Too many highlights and notes in the margin! 😉


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