This and That

Hey y’all! Just a little bit of this and that going on around here! We have been #protaco in the Dreffs family for quite some time!img_5165-1

Sadly, tacos weren’t on the ballot, but we made do. 🙂img_5193-1
Christmas decorating is happening up in here
So far, I have the mantel, stairs, dining room, and kitchen decorated. 🙂 The trees are up next, but I have a crazy schedule coming up…so that may have to wait until we get back from Michigan. 🙂

This has been me this week. All of the technical issues and non of the technical expertise. Haha! 

Of course, I have lots of precious faces on my screen this time of the year

And these two are too much fun together. Silly..
img_5174-1 But just as sweet as can be! img_5179-1

Happy Thursday, y’all!! Xoxo Narci 

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7 replies

  1. When Chris is out of town and I have technical issues, my neighbor Heather comes over. I’m talking re-setting the oven clock (I couldn’t figure it out for some reason), flipping a breaker, working on the internet. I CALL HEATHER. 😉


  2. Precious! Technical difficulties here too. I think I am getting technology slower instead of more tech savvy with age! Oh my goodness to the holiday decor! If I did it now I would get all kinds of flack so I will drink my lattes and watch Hallmark until I hit my safe zone lol!


  3. Your Christmas decor is beautiful! Would you mind sharing where you got your mantel and stair garland? I would love to do something similar. Thank you!


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