Santa Visit :)

Each year, I do a set of mini-sessions with Santa, and I always make sure to save a spot for my own kiddos!    This year, my kids couldn’t make it to the sessions due to a scheduling conflict, and Santa insisted that he come by to see them at our home.  If you are wondering if I have the best Santa on the planet, then you are absolutely right.  We love him to pieces!

So, I set up the date and time with Santa and had the kids waiting by the door for his arrival!  I didn’t tell them what  was about to happen, but they knew it was something special!

 I should note that Jackson is obviously in on the Santa gig, but he was happy to play along. He is a sweet big brother! 

Santa and Mrs. Claus rode up on their Harley (while playing “Santa Claus is coming to town” on their radio!  I die!), and we heard them roar up!   They still had no ideas hat was happening! But, once they heard Santa’s magic bells, Luke and Presley FLIPPED OUT!


Who is there???dsc_1764web

Luke couldn’t stand it!  He needed a peek too!dsc_1770web dsc_1768web

Santa Magic 🙂 


Everyone had their turn telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas!dsc_1805web


Mrs. Claus even got a hug from our big boy!  dsc_1835web

And, then they rode off on their cool bike!!   That is what I am talking about Santa!!  dsc_1847web

What a special surprise for the Dreffs’ kids!   

Happy Tuesday, friends!!  XOXO Narci

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  1. What a special visit! Don’t you know everyone who saw Santa and Mrs Claus on the motorcycle were getting their own doses of Christmas magic.


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