Christmas Celebratin’

Hey y’all!!  We had the best Christmas over here!  On Christmas Eve Eve, we went to dinner at one of our favorite little places in Downtown McKinney: The Pantry!   The owner is so nice, and she even made me my favorite dish (even though it wasn’t on the menu that night) because she knows how much I love it!

Me and my 3 cuties 🙂 img_6580

Our view out the window of the restaurant.  So cozy!!img_6591

And, all of us together!

We did some quick antique shoppingimg_6607

and checked out a few amazing light displays that we had missed earlier in the season!img_6613

We didn’t stay out late though, because we had some work to do! It was time to get the dough ready for our annual cinnamon roll fun!img_6622 img_6630 img_6643

We always prep the dough the night before and finish it up on christmas Eve morning!

Our elf George brought pajamas for us to deliver the rolls in the next morning!

Here we are…on our way!img_6689

We had so much fun delivering to our friends!

img_6670 img_6687 img_6672

I am so thankful for such a fun tradition!  Seeing all of our friends at their door on Christmas Eve morning makes it so fun for our kids, and I am hoping we can keep this little tradition going until we are empty nesters.  We will see!

After we got home, we had a surprise visitor from our neighborhood!!   One of our neighbors dresses as Santa each Christmas Eve and passes out candy canes out to all of the kids.  So sweet!img_6698

And, before we knew it, it was time to head to Christmas Eve services! 🙂 img_6700

We didn’t get any family pictures beforehand this year…at this point, I had been up since TOO EARLY baking cinnamon rolls.  No amount of dry shampoo and lipstick was enough to help me out! haha!  Mama was looking and feeling tired.img_6711

The candles are always a favorite in our group!   img_6712

After Christmas Eve services each year, we head to my Aunt Karen’s house in Dallas for Reindeer Games.  My kids talk about this ALL YEAR LONG and are huge fans of this tradition!

This year, one of the games involved piggie races with these little motorized pigs, and we were laughing so hard!   I mean, you haven’t lived until you’ve cheered on a bunch of toy pigs on Christmas Eve. 😉img_6717

We left after dinner and went home to get ready for bed!   Santa was coming!  Rob put together the last bit of the Santa gifts, and I edited a few sessions for some special client…so they could have their photos to share on Christmas. 🙂img_6731 img_6736 img_6737

On Christmas Morning, everyone was all smiles!   Luke was thrilled by his new soccer rebounder!

Presley found some things under the tree to be jolly about too!img_6757 img_6768

And, Jackson had a very fun Christmas as well!img_6764

He showed Presley how to use his new Nerf Gun!   🙂

Our family wasn’t scheduled to come over until that night, so we just got to relax and hang out all day!  It was glorious!


Someone gave Presley this gigantic giraffe, and she instantly fell in love!  So sweet!img_6794

The cutest presents under the tree. 🙂 img_6795

I served Mix and Match mama’s Simple Beef Enchiladas, Mexican Rice, and a Peppermint Trifle for dinner!   I was able to prep everything the day before, so I just popped things in the oven on Christmas Day!   Everything was delicious!!!img_6792

It really was the perfect ending to a great Holiday!!   img_6797

I hope had a great Christmas with your family!!

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 XOXO Narci

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