What’s going on

Hey y’all!  Just a little bit of this and that going on here!  We squeezed the last little bit of Christmas out of our break!  img_6810-1

We made a special trip to Central Market, and it’s just a shame that Luke doesn’t feel passionately about Carbs.  haha.   Central Market is basically the grocery store to end all grocery stores with tons of gourmet, fresh, and baked items.  That boy loves himself some bread, and he was in awe of the fresh bread selection!img_6893

We picked up this yummy Spinach Feta Dip that was amazing too!img_6920

On NYE,we spent the night grilling and enjoying the gorgeous weather around the firepit!  We all agreed that it was one of our favorite New Years Eve’s ever!


We’ve had lots of family bonding time!img_6817-1

and piggy back rides/shopkins playing.

Rob is still trying to figure out how to “play” shopkins, but he gets an A+ for Effort, for sure! 😉

And, finally,we did a little exploring on a family walk before the kids went back to school!


This field is behind our neighborhood, and the kids love to run wild and check out all of the cool branches!img_6940

For now, it’s back to our daily routine!  Up next for our kiddos: Winter soccer, Cheer, High School registration (WHAT?), Spring Baseball and Soccer, Volleyball, and lots of fun stuff in between!!   Also, we are doing an awesome giveaway….so head on over to our Facebook page to win! 

These are the days! Happy Wednesday, y’all! XOXO Narci

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  1. I love that you squeezed a little more Christmas into your month. Don’t you wish it were acceptable to keep the tree up all year? And listen to carols too? Because I do :).


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