Photo 101: Framing your photos and Canvases

Hey, friends!!  I am thrilled to share this with you!!  Quite a few of you have asked for photography tips here!  So, each month  I will be sharing my favorite tips with you!  These will range from  being a mom with a camera, taking great iPhone shots, where to print, and much more!  

Today, I am sharing about what happens after we take that perfect shot: printing and framing/canvases!

Printing Resources

If you are going to have your images printed for gift-giving or framing, I love MPIX for quick  and reliable service.


They are the consumer branch of my professional printer, and the quality is really great!   I try to stay away from drugstore printers (you know: CVS, Walgreens, and even Target or Walmart) , because the quality and color are almost always off.  The great thing is that MPIX is competitively priced! 

For canvases, I use a local company…and her quality is amazing!   She has 5 kids (the youngest has Spina Bfida), and you will just love her work!  You can go to her website to see if she ships to your area!


I have tried other online stores, and the colors are often washed out and not true to color.   Whenever you are printing a precious family picture  on a canvas, I always recommend using a professional printer or someone local that you can trust!


Once you have your images printed, it’s time to decide where they go!  Of course, there are always the popular options of above a fireplace or creating a portrait wall.   I love those! I think it’s fun to put our family pictures on a non-dominate wall but still where they easily catch an eye when you walk into a room.  For instance, this Hallway leading to the other side of the house is viewable from the front door, but it’s not the first thing that you see when you walk in.


I like for people to walk into a room and take it in, and then be surprised by a photo so it’s not quite as overwhelming.  img_6963

In Our kitchen nook.img_6968

Again, when you walk in, you are drawn to the bar area, kitchen table and such, but I love a pop in the way of a sweet family photo.  It’s just simple and clean, and gives your eyes time to catch them after they’ve processed the rest of the room.img_6971

Also, I have the hardest time decorating a sofa table, but picture frames add instant coziness and are fairly expensive to add!img_6973 img_6975

Save one of your favorites for a place that’s easy to share with friends and family and where you will see it. 🙂  This is one of my favorite shots of the kids when they were little.  img_6970

So, it sounds a little weird…but my guests are often likely to make their way to this guest bathroom, and why not put something sweet in there for them to see?  haha! Also, I pass this bathroom approximately 1 million times each day on the way to the laundry room, so I love looking at this photo each time I walk by! 🙂

My question to you: What photography tips would you like to see coming up?  Sound off in the comments!!   Happy Thursday, y’all!! XOXO Narci

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  1. I’m here to vouch for Prosper Print Shop. She is great and amazing to work with. 👍🏻👍🏻


  2. I have several canvases of Carter (with pictures you’ve taken) blown up on big canvases in the laundry room! It makes laundry a little less awful! 🙂


  3. Thank you for this! I have a question – how do I manage to order a print but get that print to include the whole part of my original image? i have a photo I took on my phone, standard settings, didn’t crop it. And I’d like a print of it as is. but every time I try different sizes, it keeps getting cropped. So frustrating!


    • Hi, Trish! Great question! The different print sizes (4×6, 5×7, and all the rest of the sizes) are all proportioned differently and will be cropped according the proportions of the print size. You can try a different print size to see if you prefer the cropping maybe? You will notice that professional photographers leave a bunch of open space on the edges of their images to account for this. 🙂 I know that is SO frustrating!! Hope this helps! Xo n


  4. What are your thoughts on Is there quality the same as Mpix? Also, is Mpix user friendly when making photo books? Thanks! Christina


  5. Great ideas! I would love any tips on how to organize and store digital photos. Additionally, any tips on photographing sporting events. Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas!


  6. I love this post and can’t wait to see future posts regarding tips on photos! How do you print/organize all of your photos? Do you make each child an album each year? What do you do with all your daily photos you like enough to put in an album? I need help!!! I have three kiddos and I am super behind and have no idea where to begin! Thanks! 🙂


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