Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey, y’all!!  I hope you are doing well!  It was a cold and cozy weekend here at the Dreffs’ house!

On Friday morning, it was a frigid 15 degrees here in Texas…and some of us were happy to wear all the layers, and some of us weren’t.  😉img_7004

After school, the kids got a super FUN surprise!!! SNOW!!

I mean, it’s was just flurries.   But, when you live in Texas…you celebrate anything white that falls from the sky!  These two managed to play for a solid hour in the tiny amount that accumulated in our flower beds. 🙂img_7025

The next day, we continued the winter fun with ice skatingimg_7050

Two sweet girls!img_7051

and lots of cozy book reading.  img_7057

Are you reading this book?  My girl, Shay, named it her favorite book for 2016, and it really is THAT good!  Shay knows great books, and this one does NOT disappoint! 🙂

In other news, my high school reunion is coming up this year, and someone posted this on Facebook on Saturday!   Each year, the Plano Senior High graduating class spells out the word PLANO for a class picture.  They year I graduated, the senior class was 1592 people!  I’m the brunette in the bottom part of the N with the Jennifer Aniston haircut/layers.  😉

On Sunday morning, we were getting ready church…and I came across this!


Y’all!! I almost had heart failure, because I vaguely remembered saving this VHS tape from my childhood!!  That’s a black diamond, 1992 release of Beauty and the Beast, people!


It turns out that the article was just a hoax, but for a hot minute we thought we were sitting on GOLD.  I guess we can kiss early retirement goodbye! hahaha!

After church, we picked up a new joke bookimg_7074

and did a little Sunday afternoon twirling.img_7082

Perfect, sweet weekend!   I wouldn’t have it any other way!img_7086

Happy Monday, friends!! XOXO Narci

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14 replies

  1. Rob looks like a pro on those ice skates. I’m impressed! When I ice skate, there’s no way I can have my hands in my pockets. Those are needed for balance at all times!


  2. Love Love Love that book! So glad Shay recommended it. We live in KS and have had snow since early last week. I wish ours disappeared as quickly as yours did! 😉 It’s fun for a couple days and then I’m ready for it to be gone (melting snow= really dirty cars inside and out!).


  3. Awe what a good weekend for you! We had nine inches of snow and temperatures of five degrees and no I am not living in the north! I need to get that book! I nearly cringed reading about the Disney movies – my mom sent them all to Goodwill! Breathed a total sigh of relief when you said it was a hoax lol. Happy Monday!


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