Let’s Talk About it Tuesday

So, I don’t know about y’all, but I love getting tips and tricks from my girlfriends about the latest things going around!!  Each month, we do just that here for our “Let’s Talk about it Tuesday!”!

It’s cold a flu season, and we are ramping up our essential oil usage because of it!   Today, I am talking about some of the OILY tips that get us through these months!  Let’s go!


Over Christmas Break, I had Strep throat and an ugly case of Bronchitis, and this combo saved me!!


I did this every single night, and it calmed my cough even more than the super strong cough medicine that the doctor provided.  I was shocked!

Stomach Aches

Looking for something to help with the stomach bug that is going around?  We tried these two!a1648460f3b18e32a451d49c948fb875

I didn’t really notice a difference on the Digize, and the smell was TOO STRONG for my weak stomach, but it’s always worth trying!  🙂  Maybe you will have better results!


How about a preventative combination for diffusing? I love this as an everyday mixture to diffuse during cold and flu season!b8d5a63154f2b0826c865aff1c0b96e2

What I want to try next

I didn’t have any Eucalyptus on hand, but it was something that was recommended via multiple sources!  Love seeing the different uses for the different types of Eucalyptus!   I just ordered this to keep in my stash!52173ffda60de0f57902c211b4d23b42

Another natural remedy

And, finally, if you do end up getting the Flu, I LOVE this natural remedy!

Between this and Tamiflu, this can seriously cut down on the time that you are recovering!   We’ve used this with our whole family with great results! As a note: With this and any other natural remedies, you should always do your research on the product and make sure it is a good choice for your family. 

Do you have any tips for getting oily or other natural remedies during Cold and Flu season?  Leave them in the comments!!  Happy Tuesday, friends! XOXO Narci

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20 replies

  1. We’ve tried that Oscillococcinum before thanks to your recommendation! I forget the name but there’s some kind of preventative cold/flu spray. I tried it for a good two weeks on all of us but then I lost the bottle. 😦


  2. I’m so glad I hoped over and read your post today! So many of my students are sick right now that I’ve been looking for immune boosters for my diffuser! Thank you!!


  3. Essential oils have helped my family stay well! My girls and I haven’t been to the doctor in a year m. I absolutely love being empowered enough to take care of my own health.


  4. I need to get my oils back out! I used them so good when school first started and I have fell off the wagon. I use my roller ball (when I am a good mom and remember) and rub my kids spine down every night with on-guard. I do believe it helps! Thanks for the tips!


  5. Hi! I’m a daily reader but never comment. I found you through Mixandmatchmama. I’ve just recently purchased my first YL starter kit, the dew drop. I’m still learning, everyday!! How do you store your oils and keep them all organized?? I’m getting overwhelmed by it all.


  6. Di-Gize stinks, it’s the worst! I mix it with peppermint and it works wonders. Peppermint is also really good for nausea. I had strep over Christmas break too, it kicked my butt! Here’s to staying well!


  7. I would really encourage you to do some deep digging on essential oils. There is little to no real scientific evidence to back up the claims they make (anecdotal evidence like “I tried it and it helped” isn’t enough, unfortunately – people used to say the same thing about blood letting with leeches 😕 For a good explanation of what a treatment needs to undergo in order to be proven effective go here: http://thescientificparent.org/what-is-scientific-evidence/) Here is an article with some good information and links to use as a jumping off point. https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/doterra-multilevel-marketing-of-essential-oils/

    I truly do not intend for this to be mean spirited in any way, I just hate to see people waste their hard earned money on things like this. Hope this is helpful!


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