Cold Weather Fun

Hey, y’all!! Today is a school holiday for my kiddos, so we are off to have some fun!! Here are a few things that caught my eye this weekend!!  I love sharing fun things with you!

So, these boots are gorgeous!   They make me want to live somewhere cold!


And, these Uggs are SO pretty, and they are on MAJOR SALE!!


Nothing makes my feet cozier than my Uggs on a cold day!

Also, J. Crew and New Balance are doing a fun line together, and I am loving what I am seeing!  Yes!


And, finally, I ordered this jacket in wine and black, and it is on super sale now as well!!  I love the neck, and it is super flattering!  Love!


So many cute and cozy options for these cold, winter months!   Cue the fire and hot cocoa, we are set for winter days!  Happy Monday, y’all!! XOXO N


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  1. I have those Sorrel boots! Just got them a few weeks ago. I live in the Dallas area as well and I have NO shame! LOL


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