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Hey, y’all!  It’s time for one of my favorite features!  Each month, we talk home decor and my favorite finds for our homes during our Grace and Love Blog Home series! 🙂 This month, I am sharing my inspiration for one of my favorite spaces in our house!  We are just about to get started on this project, and I thought it would be fun to show the before!


When we built our house 16 months ago, we built it through a semi-custom builder which means that some of our more custom design ideas just weren’t possible.  So, I tried to make sure that the bones of our design choices were solid…but  I knew I wanted something fun in this Hallway downstairs.img_6928

Last week, I was scrolling Pinterest, and inspiration struck!   Helllloooo Shiplap. 😉


I am a huge fan of using leading lines in my decorating, and Shiplap satisfies my need for ALL THE CLEAN LINES. 5f6ae4246e0766bc2e82a05b1bed9d28

You should know that I fought for this tile in our laundry room while we were building and the builder nixed it.  I am still a little bitter about this.  haha!  But, seriously, doesn’t this shiplap make this space so interesting? 🙂00370a252edafce48efceda9b9d9cef7 9578dd8bfc15e090f4fdcbc371e30081

All of our projects so far have been DIY, and I am thinking we will take this one on together too!  And, by together, I mean…I will come up with the idea and pick the paint color for the shiplap.  And, Rob will measure and make sure that it actually looks good. 😉 #Iamallabouttheideas #Heisallabouttheexecution
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If you need some inspiration of your own, check out our home pinspiration series that we featured while we were building!

We talked kitchens (a few times)

master bedrooms

dining rooms


 light fixtures

outdoor spaces

paint colors

powder bathrooms


and entry ways!

Updates coming soon to this project! Happy Thursday, y’all!!  See you here tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO N

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