Ten Questions :)

Hey, y’all!  I saw this feature on another blog and thought it was so fun!  So, I am taking my turn at answering these silly questions!   I love a good “About Me”…so here you go!

About Me

1. My childhood nickname was Narci.  Trust me, it’s hard enough to get people to wrap their heads around that, so nicknames weren’t a thing for me. lol. πŸ˜‰  My girlfriends in college did nickname me “The Closer”  during our senior year, because I can be pretty persuasive (or bossy) when I have a goal or project in mind.  When we were 20, we thought that nickname was pretty  amazing, but I am laughing so hard about it now. #whatonearth #thecloser

2. If you want to spoil me rotten, buy me sour gummy bears or the jalapeno ranch dip at Chuy’s.  Seriously, receiving gifts is not my love language …but food…all day long!!!

3. If I had a whole day to go shopping and money to spend, I would go to Nordstrom.   I could do some damage there. πŸ˜‰

4. What is your current obsession? Oh, you know–Gossip Girl.  Maybe I should be expanding my mind in my free time….but, instead, I am watching a a show about a group of really stylish teenagers who are navigating “the hard life” over on the Upper East Side.  haha!   Seriously, though.  I am hooked!

5.The one thing on my bucket list that I am most eager to do is travel more!

6. In my opinion, the best invention in the history of the world is Breakfast Tacos.  For real, whoever decided to offer tacos at breakfast time was brilliant! πŸ˜‰

7. I will always be loyal to my friends and my family.  I tend to be a “through thick and thin” kind of person.  Also, I’ll always be #teamJacob…so there’s that, too.

8. If I could spend a day with a celebrity I would choose  Kelly Ripa or Reese Witherspoon.  I bet both of these girls would be up for fun time, and I love that!

9. The most wild OR crazy thing I have ever done (that I will admit to publicly) was when I accidentally yelled “Hey Baby!” at a little league baseball coach.  The parking lot was dark, and when I walked up behind him….I thought FOR SURE that it was my husband.  Y’all, it wasn’t!  #mortifying #everyonelaughedaboutitthough

10. When life hands me lemons…

I google funny Lemon memes πŸ˜‰




Hope you enjoyed this!!  Happy Thursday, y’all!! See you here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!! XOXO N


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8 replies

  1. I want to spend the whole day with Reese and Kelly, eating jalepeno ranch dip and breakfast tacos. And about Reese and Kelly. A girl that I was a Kappa with at OU (Shannon) is best friends with Reese. Their boys are best friends, and Reese takes Shannon to award shows and everything! And my high school friend Amy is friends with Kelly. Their husbands were in a movie together, which is when they became friends. And all of their families are friends with Neil Patrick Harris. I mean, my friend Amy and her husband are godparents to Doogie’s twins!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!


  2. 1. Gossip Girl is the BEST show to watch! You learn how to be from the upper east side!
    2. Team Edward… I’ll just leave this here…

    First time reading your blog but I’m really enjoying it!


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