Workin’ It Wedensday

Hey, y’all!! It’s Wednesday, and I am so happy to be linking up with two of my girls, Shay and Erika, for their NEW LINK-UP….Workin’ It Wednesdays!!


Truth be told: I am a busy girl….I manage three precious kiddos, their commitments, a photography business, this blog, a fun Stella and Dot gig, and much more.   I can’t wait to share what’s worked for our little family and read about your awesome tips, too. 🙂  My best ideas always come from my friends, so I am excited to plug into this set of topics!


Today, we are sharing about how we keep our marriages strong! I don’t pretend to be a marriage or relationship expert, but I can definitely share what has worked for us!

Make time for each other

My first tip is pretty simple!  Setting aside time for each other where you can only focus on one another is so important in this hectic world!   Robert and I don’t get out very often for a date at night, but we do meet for lunch on a weekly basis when the kids are in school!  Also, sometimes we will order a fabulous dinner or dessert to enjoy  after the kids go to bed and while we watch a movie!  It doesn’t have to be something elaborate….which brings me to my next point…

Keep your Expectations Realistic


Comparing your marriage to your friends’ marriages is a recipe for disaster.  Let’s be real: we only see other people’s highlight reels, and we all know that no relationship is perfect.  So, keep your expectations realistic and give Grace to your spouse.  The only One who can live up to perfection is God, so don’t expect your husband to fill that role instead.

Know your Spouse’s Love Language (and yours too!)


This completely changed the way that Rob and I looked at each other!  If you haven’t read this book yet, then you need to go ahead and do that ASAP.  The idea is that we all need our cup filled, but we all measure love differently….and this can cause a huge communication breakdown in marriages.  It goes on to share that each of us measures love through words, action, touch, gifts, or time.  Side note:  these concepts are easily applied to your kiddos, and there is a book about using this in parenting as well!

I can’t wait to hear about others marriage tips!  If you have a good one, leave it in the comments!!

Thanks for the link up, friends!! Happy Wednesday!! XOXO Narci

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  1. So true on so many of these – the highlight reel… pretty much! It’s easy to get sucked into thinking everyone has perfect when that’s what you see. Love the part of giving grace to your husband and setting real expectations. Totally agree on those!


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