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Hey, y’all!!  Happy President’s Day!   Today, I have a very special guest!  Quite a few of you have asked for more information on Essential Oils, and I can’t think of a better person to introduce you to for just that!   Angie is my neighbor, and we love her and her cute family to pieces!angie

Presley especially loves these sweet girls, and I do too! 13100841_10153749094777739_1003369368772245276_n

So, if you wanted to know more about oils, how you can use them, or how to get the…then here you go!!  Enjoy!

Hello, Grace and Love readers! My name is Angie Ahrens!  I want to start with a huge THANK YOU to Narci for asking me to share what I am doing to keep my family healthy throughout the year.  I introduced her to Young Living Essential Oils in the summer, and I believe they have rocked her world.  They have rocked mine for over 3 years and I know they can rock yours, too.  By day I am a mild mannered Optometrist who loves saving the world one eye at a time.  During the other hours of my day, I am trying to be a loving wife and super mom to my 2 girls…hopefully teaching them how to live right by the Lord and be healthy!

In my home we use Young Living Essential oils daily to support our immune systems. We apply, we diffuse, we ingest.  You can also use Young Living Oils to help you rest and balance your mood so that the stresses of life do not drag you down.  This, along with good nutrition, is just what the doctor ordered.    There are no chemical solvents used, no synthetic fragrances added as is the case with many you find on the store shelf.   Check out to see just how Young Living plants, grows, harvests and distills their oils. If you are looking for an interesting vacation, you can even go to any one of the farms and see it all for yourselves!

So what are essential oils?  They are the lifeblood of a plant…they are ESSENTIAL to that plant surviving.  Just like us, plants deal with daily stressors.  Plants and trees do not have plant doctors so they use essential oils to live.  We can harness the same power by using these oils just as plants do.  Isn’t it nice that we can empower ourselves as a mom and a wife to take charge of our family’s wellness?   Young Living has put together a premium starter kit with everything you need to get you started on your road to wellness.  It has your choice of diffuser, 11 bottles of oils you can use every day in your household for a myriad of things, samples of the yummy antioxidant juice puree called NingXia Red (my kids LOVE it–we drink it daily) and some other goodies.  I am a huge believer in education so that you can get the most good out of your oils for your family.  I provide anyone who purchases a starter kit from me with a phone call to go over everything you receive in the kit.  You also get educational materials and access to a network of oily gurus who can offer suggestions of how to use your Young Living Oils.  All of the oils I will talk about below are in the premium starter kit.  As you continue to read about these starter oils, think of how many ways you can use these oils in your home daily.



 Let’s start with the infamous Thieves!!  I rub diluted Thieves on my kids feet and diffuse Thieves almost every night to support our immune systems. Thieves is a staple in our home.  Tip:  Never run out of Thieves.


Let’s move on to Peppermint.  I get such an energy boost when I smell or apply peppermint, especially during a workout.  If the day is weighing heavy on my head, I rub a little peppermint on my temples and back of my neck and shoulders, staying away from the eyes.  A drop in my water tastes so good and helps my digestive system.


Lemon is a great cleanser.  You can remove stickers with a single drop.  I put a drop in my water for taste and I cook with it too.  I could go on and on about Lemon, but I’m excited to tell you about purification.


Anything stinky in my house gets Purification.  The laundry basket, a gym bag, or shoes get a drop of purification on a cotton placed inside.  I diffuse Purification if any lingering food odors stick around after cooking.  I even pet my dog with a diluted drop of Purification rubbed between my hands.  I also put purification on my wool dryer

balls for really fresh smelling laundry.


Everyone loves Lavender! It has so many uses besides the calming and tranquil aromatherapy we all know.  Lavender is very important for skin care.  A handful of Epsom Salt and a couple drops of Lavender make a warm bath so much more relaxing.  My rule of thumb is if you don’t know which oil to apply for a certain issue, go with Lavender.


Panaway is great to use after a hard workout.  I move a lot easier the day after a workout when I use Panaway.


R.C. is the other staple I will never-ever run out of.  R.C. stands for respiratory comfort.  I always have a few bottles on hand because you never know when your respiratory system will need support.


Copaiba is fun to say (Co-pie-ee-bah).  I put it in my moisturizer and it makes a great post-workout massage on my flex points.  The scent is also so warm and inviting so it’s quite calming.


I cannot say enough good things about Frankincense.  I mean, it was given to baby Jesus by the wise men. These were gifts only given to Kings at that time. Frankincense is very supportive of our wellness because of the ⍺-pinene constituent. Thanks to Young Living we have access to both Boswellia carterii and Boswellia sacra (closely related to the Frankincense gifted at the time of the birth of Jesus).  I also use Frankincense in my skin care and in times of quiet meditation or reflection to really open myself up.


Digize is a great supplement to support the digestive system.  It can be taken in a capsule or rubbed on the belly or feet.

Stress Away

And then there is Stress Away.  This is the bonus oil in the Premium Starter Kit.  Can I buy this is a gallon drum?  It’s every Mommy’s best friend.  Who doesn’t have stresses these days?  The mixture of vanilla and lime take me on a mental vacation.  I wear this as my perfume many days of the week because it not only helps me, but also other people around me.

So these are the oils in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit!  There are many more oils available and many more ways to use the starter oils plus a Thieves line of cleaners, supplements and skin care all made with YL essential oils.  You  can remove many harmful chemicals from within your home by using Young Living products!

  If you want more information, just email me at or you can order your premium starter kit here!  Once you purchase your starter kit, you are considered a member of Young Living and all purchases you make for the next year will be discounted by 24% to the wholesale price. A $50 purchase is all that is required to continue your membership year to year.This is so easy to do as you will be using your oils more and more as you discover new ways the products improve your life.   I can’t wait to hear how these oils rock your world!!!

Oh, Angie!!  Thank you so much!   You are right!   These oils did totally change our family, and I am so happy to have you here!!   Y’all can send Angie an email if you have any questions about getting started with the oils!  She is super helpful!! You will love her!

Happy Monday!! XOXO Narci

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