Spring Break Trip, Part Two: Disney World!!

Hey, y’all!!  Today, I am recapping the 2nd part of our super fun Spring Break trip!  Yesterday, I shared about the Cruise(Sea) part of the trip, but today is all about our Disney World (Land) portion!

We used my girls, Shay and Erika, over at Mix & Match Travel to plan all the details of our cruise: like the on ship character experiences, the Bibbidi  Bobbidi Boutique, port excursions, registration, and all of the little things that would have totally stressed me out!   I must have asked one million questions, and they answered them all! So, when we decided to add a land portion to our vacation, they were all over this as well!  They helped us book fast passes, gave us the skinny on what rides and attractions we needed to see, and basically took all of the guesswork out of this day.  We were restricted by our air travel dates, but my only regret for our trip was that we really need a few more days like a typical Land & Sea vacation.   So, if you are thinking about doing this type of vacation, I totally recommend 3 days at the Disney Parks!

If you need help planning your Disney vacation, email them because they are awesome! mixandmatchtravelagency@yahoo.com.

So, on Monday we debarked the ship and headed over to Magic Kingdom!  woohoo! I had really cute outfits planned for everyone, but it was chilly that day so we ditched all that and went for comfort all the way!!

The very first thing we did was split up the boys and girls.  Truth be told, the boys were really into trying the roller coasters, and Presley was really into filling her autograph book with Princesses! ;).  So, we booked 2 sets of Fast Passes for the day, and then met up in between for meals and riding some of the smaller rides.  It really worked out perfectly, and everyone was happy!

The boys had Fast passes for and rode Space Mountain, The Pirates of the Caribbean, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!   Meanwhile, we had fast passes for and met all of the princesses! 😉

Watching Presley meet all of the princess that she grew up watching and loving was so special!

Belle was my favorite!

Presley had the role of Mrs. Potts during the character experience. So special!

We already have our tickets for the new Beauty and the Beast movie releasing Friday!   I can’t wait!

In between our Fast Passes, we rode the Haunted Mansion.  I mean, this was probably way too scary for the littles, but they were bound and determined to ride it! Ha!  I thought it was a little spooky, but mostly campy and fun!

And, the new Seven Dwarves ride.  We LOVED this one!!!!!

Seriously, you need to add this to your list of rides next time you go!

And, at night, we went over to the Storybook Circus section.  This is kind of a fun retro section, and I LOVED it all lit up at night!   You know I am a fan of twinkle lights, and this area did not disappoint! Really cute!

We rode Dumbo

And, the Tea Cups

And, then ended our day with awesome seats for the Firework show! I totally snagged this photo off Disney’s site, because my phone was dead by this time! haha!

It truly was a magical day!

So,we didn’t book Dining experiences this time, because we added the Disney Parks portion of our vacation at the last minute…and all of the good restaurants were taken. 😉  However, when we go back, we will be staying much longer…and I have a list of places that we’d  like to eat. 🙂

Going on this trip was such a blessing to our little family, and it totally has us wondering where we will be going next?  The travel bug bit us, and we are making a travel bucket list for our family now!  Off to the next destination, with maybe another Disney Cruise/Disney World Trip in the mix!!

Happy Thursday, friends!  See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO Narci


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15 replies

  1. Eek!! I’m so glad you guys had so much fun! Your Magic Kingdom day looks a blast. Presley meeting all the princesses is my favorite. :).


  2. Everybody I know seems to be traveling to Disney lately and it’s giving me the fever! Magic Kingdom is my very favorite and I haven’t been back since they opened the Seven Dwarfs…I need to go NOW! Hoping we get to take our sweet boy really soon!


  3. We recently went to Disney too. The Snow White ride is so much fun. I might enjoy waiting in line more than the ride. How is that possible 🙂 I think I could totally get on board with meeting princesses over roller coasters! Not much luck when you have teens 🙂


  4. Looks like such a fun trip! Loved your recap. Interested in your list of restaurants that you didn’t get to go to because they were booked. Do you mind sharing?


  5. So, we are planning a Disney trip in May for my daughter’s 5th birthday. We are SO excited! I have two questions for you: Did you use your phone for pictures at the parks or did you take a big camera? And did you purchase the Memory Maker or just stick to your own pictures?


  6. We love Disney! I opted not to book dining the last time we went (except for the Beast’s castle) and totally regretted it. Here’s a tip if you’re ever in that situation again. You can use the app and get last minute reservations! I was able to book some great ones while we were there.


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