Tuesday Talk

Hey, y’all! Today, I am linking up with the sweetest girls,Ashley and Erika, for their new link-up “Tuesday Talk!”

Each month, we chat about what’s on our mind, and this month I need your help! My kids are getting to the ages where technology and screen time are a big deal! I want to know your tips for screen time, for social media,  and especially how you keep your kids safe while they are on the Internet. Leave your comments with your favorite software, apps, and other tips and tools! I am lacking in this area, and I need your help! 

Just so get us started: my tip is that our kids have to earn screen time by doing chores around the house. The kids vaccum, do laundry, dust, and even clean bathrooms for a little screen time…and this works so well for us! 

I can’t wait to hear your tips, friends! Help this mama out! Happy Tuesday! Xoxo Narci 

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  1. A family I babysat for (many moons ago! – the youngest just got his license😭) always had a rule- if the kids want to do it the parents get to/have to do it. So a book they wanted to read that was a little questionable- the mom or dad would read it. When (reasonable) social media time came the child was allowed to get it (Facebook, Instagram, etc) BUT their username and password was on a sticky note on the moms desk and she could log in whenever she wanted- she checked everything at least once a week to make sure her children were behaving and that their “friends” were not super inappropriate. I’m pretty sure she could still log on to her 21 year olds Facebook if she wanted 🙃 But this way the kids knew hiding stuff wasn’t an option and she had the piece of mind knowing her kids were safe.


  2. I’m in my 20’s now but I remember in high school, my parents didn’t allow me to have texting until 10th grade (a big deal when you’re a freshman in high school)! In hindsight, it kept me out of A LOT of trouble :), but it was also hard to coordinate with friends and there were times I definitely felt left out. It may be considered “extreme” these days, but I say hold off on the snap chats, instagrams, etc. as long as you can! As a young professional, I know how important “personal branding” is and you only get one first impression on the internet.

    For screen times, we grew up with no video games during the week and pretty much unrestricted on the weekends (but we were also so busy with sports, etc. we never sat down for more than 2 hours).

    Good luck!


  3. There’s a program called “”Covenant Eyes” that tracks everywhere you are on the internet. I don’t think it even allows you to go to pornographic sites. My husband knows more about it, but, when you join (it cost $10 per month), you choose someone (friend, sibling, minister, etc.) to be your accountability partner. It helps everyone in your home that uses the internet to “think twice” about their online choices.


  4. My husband is a high school pastor and a lot of our kiddos’ parents have them charge their phone at night in the kitchen! I thought that was a great idea so that they don’t have their phone in their room at night.


  5. If your kids use an apple product (iPad), go to settings-general-restrictions. Here you can create a passcode and there is a list of things you can restrict for the user (e.g. Only movies rated G, etc). Also, set up google safe search on any type of device or computer (just google how to set it up:). My kids love YouTube, and so I make sure to have it set to “restricted mode” (google how to set that up as well). Hope that helps a little!


  6. Great topic! Read the book Unselfie by Michelle Borba. It speaks to raising empathic, and kind children in this ever growing environment of narcissism and self absorbtion in the ditgital age. It’s such a great book! Also find a local screening of the documentary Screenagers. Bring your kiddos (4th grader or older appropriate). It was a very thought provoking and a great conversation starter with my 3 kids 7,10,12 (girls). We only have a desktop at home, plus my husband and my phone. (No iPads, etc). I find I can monitor and limit one device better then multiple at home with 3 kids. I would be interested in hearing others comments as I am sure I will have to deal with my oldest having a phone within the next couple of years.


  7. Wow what an important topic for today’s moms! Love your plan of having them earn screen time. My 3 children all have iPads but their apple account is linked to mine so no one has the password but me. Also my younger kids are only allowed to use the Internet in common areas (the living room). My 16 year old has much more freedom with it Bc I believe at some point I have to trust him to spread his little wings. Yikes! And if (when) he messes up, I’ll be there to point him back in the right direction. Growing up my mom never read my or my sisters’ notes to friends or snooped through our rooms or purses and backpacks, so I try my best to give my kids privacy. Even though they’re living in an on line world!


  8. What great ideas!! I hate social media for these kiddos these days. I know it is their life…more so for girls than boys. But ugh…who really cares in the long run. That is what I’m really trying to have my daughter understand. She is 13 and probably the only one in the world that does not have a smart phone. She does have a “dumb phone”. For calling and texting only. She also has a Instagram account on her iPad….that I have full access to. Both kids do not take devices into their room, they are charged in the kitchen and only get them on the weekends. I absolutely hate going out to eat with my family and looking around seeing kids and their parents on devices. Talk to your kids people!!! They are pretty amazing people. And have a wealth of knowledge they can share with you…and you the same.


  9. My family, I’ve learned, is definitely not the norm. Only my husband and I have phones. No screens for children. We will probably get a phone for our son once he starts driving on his own. They’re used to it, but it is really our lifestyle/personality (we’re not big tv watchers, mostly bc there is so little good on tv!) and we just recently got internet at our house for work. I would get rid of my phone, if I didn’t need it for work, community activities & of course, in case of emergencies. We get outside & play (we also have animals, garden, projects, etc) We play games, read/write, cook/bake, or craft, when inside. We all love it and enjoy spending time together or on our individual activities. My older siblings and I had too much “freedom” growing up which led to a lot of avoidable trouble. My husband was too sheltered. We hope to find a balance and plan to monitor closely, yet showing our children we trust them to make honorable choices. We do not pay for good grades or chores, which some people find unusual. But we definitely give our children plenty of wants and extras, as well as allowance for money management skills (my husband works in finance and insists on this!) it is tough, but also great to parent in this age of technology. I just try to be present with my family instead of on my phone:)


  10. We have our daughters phone set up sonif she wants an app it come to our phone first and we have to approve it. Also for now, no search engines or you tube on her phone. And we’re not allowing social media for now


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