What’s happening here

Hey, friends!  Just a little bit of this and that going on around these parts!  Yesterday, we talked about our best tips for parenting in the technology age, and there are some great tips listed in the comments section!  You should go ahead and check it out!  Thank you for being so helpful, y’all! Because, sometimes I feel like this… 😉

Other than that, we are just over here working on some precious pictures….

and using all of the Spring photo backgrounds!

My girl, Shay, is releasing her next cookbook, and we’ve already made several things out of it as a family!  If you’d like to get a copy, you can order yours here!  It is such a pretty cookbook, and so useful with a family of sous chefs!   What a fun idea for an Easter Basket or summer break!

These days, we’ve been wearing our Sunday best..

and enjoying our time together in between all of the Spring acitivites…

And, we even had a family movie night at the new Beauty and the Beast movie.  It did not disappoint!

All of our boys tagged along….some of them were happier than others… 😉

We’ve been watching Miss Presley try her hand at Volleyball!   She is doing so well!

And, Luke is starting to get warmed up in soccer.  Love that number 8 to pieces! 

Also, Jackson’s baseball team took 2nd place in their Spring tourney!  🙂

And, finally, we sported our crazy socks in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Day!   We have some very precious friends with Down Syndrome, and we just couldn’t love them anymore if we tried. Happy Wednesday, y’all!!  Hope you have a great day! XOXO Narci

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  1. As much as I love low key nights at home, I also love spring sports!

    Do you think my sons (ages 7 and 9) would like Beauty and the Beast?


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