Weekend Recap

Hey, y’all!   I hope you had a great weekend!   It was a full weekend for our family!   Saturday morning started off early as I went off to my first session of the day!   

The early wake up time was definitely worth it! 🙂   Look at that cute butterfly in the bluebonnets!

After I came home, we went to soccer and volleyball!  Jackson’s games were cancelled due to the rain on Friday!

This video doesn’t exist

And, on Sunday, we had church…

more soccer…

and then an attempt at a Sunday nap.   Clearly, that did not work out in my favor. ha!

On Sunday morning, I woke up with the worst allergy attack.  I mean, yuck! Whenever my allergies flare up, I get severe body aches, and it is just the worst. Even though I was struggling, I knew I had a big night coming up!   So, I dosed up on Claritin, Advil, and Vitamins, and carried on!

On Sunday night, I was able to share my testimony with a group of ladies at my church!  What a blessing! There were over 300 women there!   And, we had a blast!Right now, I don’t have a video link, but here are a few pictures from the night. 🙂

We ate Queso, had dessert, and just shared some sweet girl time!  Perfection!

In the back, we had a queso bar…and it was delicious!!! 

And, look at the cute sign that I ordered to use a giveaway while I spoke.  I asked Amanda over at That Inspired Chick to custom make this for the ladies attending, but now I think I need one for our house, too!

I can tell you that speaking in front of a group is not my strong suit, but it worked out just fine!  (God does that, BTW!)  As we were cleaning up from the event, a hail storm and tornado warning hit our area!   So, these ladies and I took shelter in one  of the conference rooms.  PS: Melissa and her friend, the two darling girls on the far left, drove over an hour to come and support me!   I felt so bad that they had to wait out the storm, but I was so happy to see them there that night! 🙂 

On Sunday night, I collapsed in my bed and slept the best I had in months!   I don’t know about you, but I needed one more day in my weekend!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!! Xoxo n


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  1. You were so graceful and beautiful and inspiring!! The story of you and the woman on the plane was incredible.

    And Presley playing volleyball is the best!! She’s so stinkin’ cute!!

    So glad you liked the sign!! Let me know if you decide you need one for your house!! I may need to make myself one too!! (By the way, I could not stop staring at those awesome wedges you had on while you were talking…I need to go back and see if you’ve posted about them before and if not, I’m going to need to find those!!)

    That Inspired Chick


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