Blue Bell in the Bluebonnets

Sometimes during the busy season, I can forget to pick up my big camera and focus it on my three sweethearts. 🙂  Maybe you can relate? Presley and I have a little tradition of going out to the Bluebonnets, but I wasn’t sure that it was going to happen this year  between my schedule, her schedule, and both of our allergies…But our sweet girl asked if we could go, so we pushed through and made it happen! And, I am so glad we did. 🙂 

Presley is a top-level fan of Blue bell Ice Cream, so we thought it would be fun to include this in our set up this year!  I should stress that this is not a sponsored post, but feel free to send me a check if you want to Blue Bell! 😉  The look of a girl in love! 😉

What a fun date with my best girl!  These are the days! Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO N

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  1. It’s so funny you said “the look of a girl in love” because lately Mary Claire (13 months old) has been looking at her food so lovingly before she eats it! 😂 It’s the sweetest!


  2. I love these so much! Texas girl for sure! BTW I feel you on the allergies – I live in Oklahoma and am allergic to something pretty much year round. No fun!


  3. So glad you pushed through with the allergies. I know they are no joke when they flare up. Love these pictures. Wish we had fields of blue bells here in WV.


  4. We love Blue Bell too!! It needs to make its way back up to our town in northwest Missouri!! It used to be here all the time and now it isn’t 😦


  5. Love these! Have y’all tried the blackberry cobbler flavor… With chunks of pie crust..yum!!! Also, loving your testimony as I’m cleaning today!


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