What’s Happening Here

Happy Thursday, y’all!! There’s just a little bit of this and that happening around here these days!   I saw this meme on Facebook, and it totally reminded me of myself.  ha! #guiltyascharged

These days, I am appreciating the cozy, quiet moments before the kids wake up. 🙂

And, pretty flowers for Teacher Appreciation week!   

We’ve been enjoying the pretty weather!  I heard we have less than 40 school days left until summer, and we aren’t sad about that!

This week has been all about the kids’ sports, and we had a really cute visitor at Luke’s soccer game on Saturday!

God has been showing off with our sunsets here lately!   Isn’t He amazing??

Yesterday, we talked about creative Easter basket ideas, and here are ours from last year! 

I used Beach bags for their Easter baskets! In each bag, I included a few new Spring clothing items, 1-2 small toys or books, special snacks, and bubbles!  So fun! 🙂

Today, I am heading to the Zoo with some precious first graders, but I will see you back here tomorrow with our Friday Favorites and a FUN GIVEAWAY!!!  Woohoo!!

XOXO Narci

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  1. Your Easter bags came out so cute! And we are counting down schools days left too (we aren’t until 6/18 here in MA though 👎🏼)


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