Weekend Wrap-up: A Winner and a Thank you! :)

Hey, y’all!! I hope you had an amazing weekend!!  I saw this on Facebook this weekend, and it made me laugh so hard.  πŸ˜‰

This is me at the gym, but you can sub in push-up or jumping jack instead of sit-up!  I don’t know why, but a jumping jack just makes me angry, and my chicken arms were not designed to hold up my body during a push-up!   ha!

On Friday morning, we did our best to show some Friday love!   Some of us were up for hugs, and some of us weren’t! πŸ˜‰  

We had pizza with friends

and lots of fun playing outisde!

followed by sports and games on Saturday!  It’s hard to believe that this boy is heading to High School next year!  I am so excited for him!

I love seeing my babies do their thing, but these before bed cuddles are always my favorite part of the weekend! 

On Sunday morning, I wore my favorite dress for this Spring and summer!   It is moderately priced which is so nice (and on SUPER SALE!!)

and the detailing is amazing!

Followed by more soccer for our favorite number 8!   πŸ™‚

After a very crazy few weeks, it was such a treat to be with my family for the whole weekend!

And, in other news, I am so thrilled to share the winner of our sunglasses giveaway!!

Tara Vera

You can email me at narcidphotography@gmail.com to claim your sunglasses!

Before I wrap-up, I just wanted to touch on something..about a week ago, I shared my video testimony with y’all…and, your response to that has been simply amazing.  Your encouraging words, emails, and comments mean so much to me! 

So, thank you so very much…from the bottom of this girl’s heart to yours! I appreciate y’all!

Happy Monday! XOXO N

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7 replies

  1. My neighbor (and work out partner) always snickers a little about my push ups. Whatever. If I can stay up without buckling and face planting, I consider that a win. πŸ˜‰


  2. I mean…that quote has me cracking up! Because we stand next to each other at the gym and I see the look of anger in your eyes every time we have to do a jumping jack, I find this particularity hysterical! Ha! xo


  3. Hahahahaha…that is me with burpees. Count me OUT. And that white dress looks amazing on you girl! I’m sorry I missed it at church yesterday but I had a giant momfail and had to tell on myself in my post today. Ugh. One of these days I will be the perfect wife and mother I always thought I could be. Until then, I will rehash my momfails so people can judge me, laugh at me, or laugh with me because they’ve done the same thing. Haha!

    That Inspired Chick


  4. Hi! I love that dress and was just wondering if you think it’ll be too short on a girl that is taller. I’m 5’8” and looking for a white dress for an event! Thank you!!


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