Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey, y’all!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I spent most of my weekend running tiny people here and there. For a bunch of people who can’t even drive yet, they sure do have a way of making plans for themselves.  haha! 😉

Friday morning,we had a cozy start to the day! I took a few extra minutes to fill my cup back up with a longer quiet time than usual, and it was perfect!

Miss Presley Grace had an upset stomach, so she stayed home and cozied up with all of her stuffed animals…

While she rested, I worked all day on a bunch of precious faces!   This cute boy just got 2 top teeth, and he was SO CUTE during his session! 🙂

Presley is trying out for the talent show again this year!

She’s doing a group number with her girlfriends to Calendar Girl, and she is Miss January (NYE-themed)!   Her costume came in, and it is all kinds of cute!

On Friday night, some nasty storms rolled through. 

 I really love watching the clouds roll in before a big storm….God’s handiwork never ceases to amaze me!

Presley recovered about mid-day on Friday, so on Saturday we went to a volleyball double header!

and then the normal Saturday playdate/school project meetings/birthday party hustle. 

followed by reading in our new Bible before bedtime!

On Sunday morning, we had church and then soccer.  I was so awful about getting pictures the whole weekend, but I didn’t miss out on photographing our gigantic Iced Teas from Whataburger.  That is what you call having your priorities straight, people. 😉

Luke played on the opposite side of the field for the whole game, but it was a gorgeous afternoon for soccer!

Happy Monday, y’all!!  See you tomorrow for Show and Tell Tuesday! XOXO N

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9 replies

  1. I guess I’ve never ordered a Triple XL or whatever size that is from Whataburger because that cup is huge?!!


  2. We’ve been known to “large size” our fries at Whataburger (DUH), but we always request to not large size the drinks. It’s hard to even hold that gigantic cup! SO FUNNY!


  3. I am so jealous of your soccer weather! We haven’t had one practice or game that it wasn’t downpouring on us!! SO OVER THIS RAIN!


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