Weekend Wrap-Up!

Hey, y’all! I hope you are having a great week!   This weekend was a busy one!   By Sunday night, we were all worn out!

On Friday, I took the kids and their friends to the park to play.  These boys spent their time eating and playing HARD.  

On Saturday, we had a slow morning, so I had some extra time with my devotional.  I loved this paragraph so much!!

Then, we went to soccer!   Luke had a blast playing!

This season has been a challenging one for our boy, but it is stretching him and pushing him out of his comfort zone…and that’s not a bad thing at all!

I love watching him do what he loves!

His team lost, but I loved listening to their coach talk to the team about how hard they worked…and how proud he was!

Meanwhile Jackson was at the Collin County Courthouse at his Mock Trial competition!   Y’all…I spent most of my high school career flirting with boys and planning my next social event…so I didn’t even know these things existed!  His team participated on Thursday and Friday and advanced to the District finals on Saturday!   Jackson walked away with a special recognition for both times that he competed–outstanding witness twice!

We are so proud of him!   He has a heart for public speaking and working in a courtroom someday…so I loved seeing him exercising those gifts!   I am convinced that he has a big future ahead of him!

On Saturday night, our other handsome boys went to the world’s largest Nerf gun war with friends!

and it definitely did not disappoint!!

On Sunday morning, we had an early morning baseball game…

and then we made our way to Luke’s Sunday soccer game.

A few of y’all asked about my hat, and you can find some REALLY similar ones here, here, and here!  I have mine in camo and blue, and I love them for the weekends!

Meanwhile Miss Presley spent her afternoon with her girlfriends

and went to a fun birthday party!   Whew!   What a weekend!

See you back here tomorrow!!  XOXO Narci

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  1. Is Luke hitting that soccer ball with his head? Our only experience with soccer was when Ebby Lee was three and let’s just say that was a bit above her skill level at the time. ;). So I’m really impressed!


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