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Hey, y’all!! I’m so excited to continue our fun home series!  I love making our house feel like a home and being able to share these tips with you along the way!

If you’ve been following home trends, then you know that lighter upholstered furniture has been trending for quite some time!! I love the fresh look of light upholstery, but it can get super dirty very easily!!  So, today, I am sharing my tips on keeping it looking great as  a special how-to part of our home series!

So, my first tip is preventative, but it can really make a huge difference!  If fabric protection does not come with your piece of furniture when you by it….don’t forget to scotch guard it right after you purchase the furniture.  Also, you will want to reapply this every 3-6 months after to keep it looking great!

If you are like me, you forgot to reapply the fabric protection…so you need some tips on how to clean the upholstered fabric in your home!  I found these steps so useful in keeping our white fabric clean…so I thought I’d pass it on from me to you!

  1. Place 1/2 cup powdered, mild laundry detergent in a small mixing bowl. Add 1/4 cup of water. Use the electric mixer to make a foamy, whipped cleaning paste. If the paste is too watery, add a little more powder. If it is too stiff to whip, add some more water.
  2. Clean  with the foam cleanser. You can apply it to the entire piece of furniture with a slightly damp cleaning rag. Once you have treated an area of 1 or 2 feet, return and “rinse” the upholstery using a clean, damp rag and the same dabbing motion. This will deodorize the furniture and lift any lingering grime or dirt.
  3. Once the furniture has dried — this can take up to 48 hours — vacuum to be sure that you have lifted all the cleaning agents out of the upholstery.

Here are some other cleaning agents that I’ve found to be effective: Dawn detergent, upholstery cleaner, and vinegar.  Sometimes you have to experiment with these to see what works best for your piece of furniture!

Happy Monday, friends!! What would you like to see next in our home series!  Leave your ideas in the comments!  I hope you have an amazing day!  XOXO Narci


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  1. Girl, you need Young Livings Thieves cleaner. It’s the only cleaner we use and bonus- it’s safe for upholstery!! I use it on my toilets, tubs, wood floors, granite, stainless steel, everything!


  2. With 2 toddlers and 3 dogs, my furniture will never look PERFECT (I’ve just accepted this), but I love the baking soda mixture anytime I need to truly clean it! Sadly there have been a few incidents… Haha!


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