Show and Tell Tuesday

Hey, y’all! It’s Tuesday, and I’m linking up with Andrea for her super fun Show and and tell link up!


Today, we are taking a walk down memory lane and sharing about our favorites from our childhood!  So fun!

First off, I was a girlie girl…so I was all about the girl toys!!

 like Rainbow Brite

the Care Bears

and those coveted Cabbage Patch Kids

I loved My Little Pony, too!

As far as music went, I was a diehard New Kids on the Block fan.

By the way, I literally can’t even with that picture.  What were we thinking! haha!

And, when I was older…I loved Boyz 2 Men

I can specifically remember dancing with my High School boyfriend to “End of the Road” and thinking it was LITERALLY THE MOST POWERFUL THING EVER. 😉

In college, I spent many days jamming to Dixie Chicks.  

This album was one of my favorites!

What am I forgetting?  What were your childhood favorites?  Leave yours in the comments!! Thank you for the fun link-up Andrea!   I loved that walk down memory lane.  Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO N

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5 replies

  1. NKOTB! YES!!!!! And for some reason, your post brought back memories of being in junior high choir when I was in 7th grade..and all the 8th grade girls were talking about how they were going to the New Kids concert that weekend. I was SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!


  2. We loved Rainbow Brite! I love reading through everyone else’s posts, they are remembering more than I did. I had the Boyz II Men cassette tape, a prized possession.


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