What going on

Just a little bit of this and that going on around here these days!   I saw this on Facebook, and it made me laugh out loud!  

I always make sure to straighten myself out before I leave the car in a parking spot, but my first try is never even close! 😉

On Friday afternoon, I went up to Presley’s school for her Writing Celebration!

She has been working hard on an autobiography, and she did a great job!  According to her writing, she’s moving to the beach when she grows up…I’m just hoping she’s saving a room for her mama, because that sounds delightful! 😉

It was Cinco De Mayo on Friday….and The Mexican restaurant was packed, so we opted for Pizza across the street instead. 😉

On Saturday morning, I had 3 sessions with 3 PRECIOUS baby girls, and I had the cutest new backdrops to use!  I can’t wait to show y’all what we came up with!

followed by volleyball for Miss Presley

This video doesn’t exist

This video doesn’t exist

and the last regular season soccer game for Luke’s rec team.

In a super rare occurence, we were completely free for the rest of the weekend!  So, we played our hearts out

and watched the Kentucky Derby!   

and, meanwhile, I planned my pretend pool via Pinterest.  Robert and I are still in negotiations about whether this pool is actually going to exist or remain pretend, so I will keep you posted. 😉

I am thinking I want a really clean look so it doesn’t distract from our greenbelt view. 🙂 

Isn’t pinterest the best?

On Sunday morning, we went to church

and then spent the afternoon picking up mulch and a few flowers for around the house

I don’t know why a pile of mulch is so fun, but it is!  Ask these two. 😉

And, then I started decorating for my fun, little fiesta with my Bible Study girls!

It’s been a great week at the Dreffs house! Happy Thursday, y’all!! See you here tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO Narci

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8 replies

  1. I feel you on the parking issue! I don’t like parallel parking; I Might be able if there are like four spaces around me open – lol. The diagonal ones are not so bad.


  2. I’ve always said that I’m a really good driver, but I cannot park to save my life. It’s such a struggle. There have been times when I’ve gotten out of the car, so my hubby can finish parking for me! I park at the back of lots because I value other people’s cars! 😳


  3. What great family fun, mulch and all. Yes, Pinterest is addicting and there’s an idea for any and everything on there. Love it! Happy Mom’s Day to you!


  4. We put in a pool 4 years ago. My ONLY regret is not doing it when we first thought of it (about 12 years ago). My sons are now 12 and 16. We could have had so much fun together in that time. We spend a LOT of family time together in our pool. I love hosting my sons friends, teammates, church groups, etc. My advice is just do it!


  5. Yes, do the pool. And we did a spa too because we are runners and we love relaxing our sore muscles. Plus the kids heat it and swim when it’s too cold, then jump in the spa to warm up. We love them both.


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