Tuesday Talk

Hey, y’all! Today, I am linking up with the sweetest girls,Ashley and Erika, for their  link-up “Tuesday Talk!”

This week, I am talking all about our summer essentials!   These are the things that I love to have on hand when summertime hits!

Sun Hat

A good sun hat is so important to keep those rays off your face, and I LOVE this hat!

  It’s a little different than your normal light brown one and has a great shape!

A Straw Tote

Also, a cute tote just makes you feel a little more festive for the summer, and there are some really cute options out there this summer!

I am all about the cute poms on this tote!

And, I love the navy stripes on this one!

Seawag Phone Case

I picked up this case when went on our Disney Cruise this Spring, and it has not disappointed!

I’ll have my phone and my credit card in there all summer long as we hop from one pool to the next!

Quality Flip Flops

So, I love buying an inexpensive pair of flip flops, but I noticed that they were completely worn out in about a month!   Since summer lasts a good three months or more here, I prefer a pair that will last me much longer than that!  These flip flops are great quality and super cute as well!

A good sunscreen

If you have fair or sensitive skin this seems to be a great option!

If you have a recommendation for a great natural sunscreen, I am all ears too!

Oils for Bug Bites

And, finally, these two oils were life savers for me last summer!

I get chiggers and poison ivy all summer long, and they are so helpful in treating both!

What are your summer essentials?  Leave your recommendations in the comments!   Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci

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  1. A great reusable water bottle, a picnic blanket that I can keep in the car and take out as needed, a portable chair for the softballs fields that don’t have stands, aloe vera gel to cool down skin that may have gotten too much sun


  2. Narci, tell me more about how you use the oils on bug bites. Silly but do you apply directly to the bite? Do you mix with anything? Holden is allergic to mosquito bites and it takes forever for them to heal. I have oils but mostly just diffuse them. Thanks!


  3. I didn’t know lavendar was good for bug bites! I need to get some for mosquito bites. I also love putting a little bit of orange essential oils in my shower if its in the morning/afternoon to wake me up!


  4. Purification is great for the bug bites & poison ivy too! I look at a tree and am instantly covered in poison ivy!


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