Three Things

Hey y’all! My friend Andrea does posts where she shares three things about each of the people in her family! I always love reading through those posts plus I think it will be all fun to look back on as our kiddos get older. So here are three things about each of us. Hope you enjoy. 🙂


1. Presley started playing volleyball this Spring, and she is loving it!   She’s still taking and really enjoying cheer/tumbling, too!  And, honestly, this girl loves just about anything that she tries. I am just thrilled that Presley has picked two indoor sports for the time being!   😉  I’ve sat in a ton of freezing cold weather and burning hot weather for the past 9 years of being a sports mom, so I’m thankful for all of the climate controlled sports that I can manage! 

2. Presley struggled with reading at the beginning of first grade, but we have been working with her teacher and she has made some amazing improvements!   So, she is back on track and doing great!   Out of all three kids, Presley works the hardest and I just know she will be so blessed by that as gets older!  I’m so proud of  for not getting discouraged along the way!  If you have some age-appropriate reading tips or books for her to try this summer…I’d love to hear them!   🙂

3.  My baby is growing up.  XO   She’s still silly, all smiles, and tons of fun, but I see her growing and maturing so much this school year!   She’s not a baby anymore!  Also, she’s losing teeth like crazy, and I am completely smitten with her toothless smile. 🙂


1. Luke is still playing soccer with no plans to give it up anytime soon. 😉  He says that he’s going to be a professional player some day, but, in the meantime we are loving watching him play his little heart out on the u9/u10 field!   Luke is super thoughtful and coachable, and we are the most proud of the way he treats his teammates and the way he approaches the game!  The big plays are just an extra bonus. 😉

2.   Luke is really excelling at school and continuing to do great.  It’s hard to believe that he’s the same boy that struggled during his first go at Kindergarten.  He’s super quick… and so smart and intuitive!  Luke is excited to move on to 3rd grade, because he says that the math is harder there.  So, there you go. 😉

3.  Luke is currently addicted to his fidget spinner which means that I haven’t seen (or HEARD) him flip a water bottle  in the two weeks since Amazon Prime delivered that blessed piece of plastic.  I don’t know who invented this contraption, but thank YOU from the bottom of this mama’s heart. Haha! 


1. Ah, my big boy!  He’s finishing up his 8th grade year just fine!   They are building robots and going to mock trial competitions and enjoying being the top dogs at the school for just a bit longer!  This boy heads of to High School and has so much more fun ahead of him these next four years.

2.  Jackson is wrapping up baseball season and starting up football training for the Fall.  Y’all know that high school football is near and dear to this Texas girl’s heart, so my plans are to thoroughly enjoy the experience for as long he chooses to play.  So prepare yourself for a million Friday Night Light’s posts while I channel my best Tami Taylor….I just can’t help it y’all. 😉 (#TexasForever) What a fun thing to watch your boy do!

3.  Jackson is the best big brother to his siblings, and I love watching that grow as he gets older.  He is wise, patient, laid back, and sweet…and it totally cracks me up when he uses the love and logic on them that I used to use on him at the same age.  All three of them have their “moments”, but Jackson is so gracious and silly with them.  🙂 

Rob and Narci

1. If you need us, we are the ones that are carpooling our kids from here to there.  This Spring is the first time that we’ve REALLY understood what it was like to have three busy active kids.  We thought we understood this a few years ago when they all started having activities, but we didn’t. 😉 It turns out that they get busier as they get older.  Who knew? 😉 Anyway, we don’t mind the shuttling, but if you need us….that’s what we are doing…taking one of these cute kids somewhere.

2.  We are starting to watch 13 reasons why (finally) tonight!  I will keep you posted on what I think!   Thank you for all your thoughts on the subject!  They were so helpful!  Also, Bloodline is coming back with their next season in a few weeks, so that is up next in our Netflix queue! 

3.  We are planning on taking a trip for our anniversary next Spring!  Where should we go?  We haven’t been anywhere since before Jackson was born (Crazy!  I know!), so I feel like it needs to be somewhere really fun!  Give me your ideas!   I can’t wait to hear them!

There we go! Hope you enjoyed our three things! Happy Wednesday, y’all!! Xoxo 

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  1. Henderson Park Inn in Destin is so awesome. It is adult only and so romantic. A little pricey but so worth the money.


  2. We have been to Cozumel and Cabo but Costa Rica was our favorite. Quepos on the ocean side was full of adventure and fun, even thinking a oh taking the whim family next time.


  3. The best tip regarding the reading is from an excellent teacher both my kids have. He is on top of all of the key research. He suggested using audible for my daughter to listen to while she reads a book. She does not do this with every book. Her issue was not comprehension or vocabulary she just read slower. So she wanted to read more advance books but moved through them at too slow of a pace for her actual reading ability. With audible it is nice since she could adjust the speed of what she was listening to. The key was she has to read along at the same time. He said hearing it and reading it is the key. It is two years later and she rarely uses it now but it was the perfect solution that gave her confidence and was also fun for her. Good luck!!


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