Happy 9th Birthday, Luke!!

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Lukey, Lukey Bear, the Lukester, the Nature Boy, Hammertime…they say nicknames are born out of your love for someone…and it doesn’t surprise me that you have so many of them.  You are well loved, my sweet boy! 

You are laid back,  social, athletic, a hard worker, SO SMART, and a great friend.  Today, you are 9 years old, and I can hardly believe it.  

Luke, you were the baby that we fell to our knees and prayed so many years for… and, then, you were ushered into this world during a very scary middle of the night delivery that completely took our breath away….I’ll never take one day for granted with you or your sweet siblings because of this.  You are a huge blessing to our family, and your big smile still slays us on a daily basis. 😉

You can be slow to warm up, but once you feel safe in a situation…you let loose!

A little wild, a little noisy….

 and with a twinkle in your eyes that JUST WON’T STOP.

At school and in sports, you are focused, rule abiding, team centered, coachable, a leader, and the kind of kid that everyone loves. 

Luke Dreffs: in our family, you are the spicy center

the one who is always worried about how everyone feels, the first to hug or cuddle if you notice that someone is feeling down.

you are a perfectionist, respectful, and born to have fun.

We couldn’t be more proud of the young man you are becoming

Today, we are celebrating with an “epic” birthday party with your friends!   About two weeks ago, you requested this “epic” party….It kind of surprised me, because you’ve always preferred a simpler party….and your daddy and I were so confused by what “epic” really meant to you (we kept envisioning something out of a rap music video! haha!). 

 However, it turns out that IN YOUR EYES, epic means “surrounded by friends, with lots of snacks, and having lots of fun.” 🙂  so, there you go…An epic party, it is, my friend!

I can’t wait to celebrate you today, our precious boy!


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