What’s up Wednesday!

Hey, y’all!! I hope you are having an amazing day!! Happy Wednesday!

Today, I am linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for their super FUN link-up: What’s up Wednesdays.  I just love sharing what is going on with us every month!   Let’s get started!

The last Wednesday of each month, we answer these questions.  Here we go!

What we’re eating this week….

This week, we are grilling burgers and chicken, eating Baked Spaghetti, and just enjoying all the summer fare!

What I’m reminiscing about… 

Oh, I am just over here reminiscing about our super fun trip to The JW Marriott in San Antonio!

What I’m loving…

I am loving these summer days!

special moments with each other

and some pretty summer sunsets as well!

What I’m wearing…

I’m still wearing my navy embroidered dress

and these darling flamingo shorts!

my favorite tee, shorts, and sandal combo

and this peplum just makes me happy with it’s bright colors!

Also, I am still loving my white jeans!  If you are needing a new pair you will love these!  They are super stretchy and so cute!

What I’m dreading…

nothing at the moment 🙂

What we’ve been up to…

We’ve been splashing

being silly

heading to summer football scrimmages

We’ve been enjoying lunches out together

making fancy cupcakes

celebrating big birthdays

and even have a summer mascot for 2017.

 What I am working on….

I’m working on all the precious sessions!  Isn’t this baby girl the sweetest?

What I’m listening to…

Currently, I am listening to the sounds of my kids running upstairs. 😉

What I’m watching or reading…

As a matter of fact….Tomorrow, I will be sharing my latest reads as a part of our Carpool Book Club!   I can’t wait to share what I have been reading with you, friends!

What I am looking forward to next month!

Next week, we are heading up North to visit Robert’s family in Michigan!  Woohoo!  We are super excited to spend some fun quality time together! Summer here we come!

What is your favorite 4th of July tradition?

I just LOVE the parade downtown each year!


DSC_0446 DSC_0473  DSC_0479DSC_0439web


This is from a few years ago! We always have the best time!

 Thank you so much for the fun link up, girls!!  Xoxo Narci

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  1. Really loving your posts lately, Narci! I LOVE that you had a nice getaway with your kiddos! I may have to do that! Your pictures are so beautiful!


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