Workin It Wednesday

Hey, y’all!!  Well, we made it home from our road trip last night!! Can I tell you how good my bed felt?  You know that feeling, right?   😉

Today, I am finishing up laundry, plugging away at work and such, and taking the kids to the pool.  It feels so good to be home!

In the meantime, I am so happy to be linking up with two of my best girls, Shay and Erika, for their  LINK-UP….Workin’ It Wednesdays!!  workin-it-wednesdays

Truth be told: I am a busy girl….I manage three precious kiddos, their commitments, a photography business, this blog, a fun Stella and Dot gig, and much more.   I can’t wait to share what’s worked for our little family and read about your awesome tips, too. 🙂  My best ideas always come from my friends, so I am excited to plug into this set of topics!

Today, we are sharing about how we WORK it during any given weekend!   Here’s what a normal weekend looks like for our crew!  We always try to start our weekend fun on Friday nights with Pizza Night!

My super smart friend, Shana, shared this tip with me so many years ago, and I am so thankful for her great advice…our weekend just seems so much longer when we make sure to take advantage of our  family time on Friday night as well (as opposed to waiting until Saturday morning).  So, back when Jackson was just a toddler we started our Friday night pizza nights. and we haven’t looked back!

Sometimes it’s a simple takeout pizza on our back porch, homemade pizzas, or we head out to a restaurant!  It’s just a fun little tradition for our family. 🙂

Saturday mornings in the summer are a bit slower…during the school year, we can have as many as 6-8 after school commitments going on at once plus homework, appointments, and such.  So, we try to keep summers commitment free so we don’t burn out our kids  or ourselves.  We are appreciating our easy breezy summer Saturday mornings. 🙂

This usually means that the kids sleep in a bit,  Rob makes a big breakfast, and I can linger in my quiet time a little longer. A few extra moments in the word can be so good for the soul! 🙂

I almost always have at least a few sessions on Saturday mornings as well. 🙂

and then we always spend the rest of the day in a pool somewhere…. 😉

On Saturday nights, we either have fun summer plans like dinners with family friends, Holiday celebrations, or knocking off our summer bucket list items!

If Rob and I are lucky, we can squeeze a date night in on occasion. 😉

And, Sundays are all about Church, lunch together, and prepping for the upcoming week. 🙂

This is the night that we coordinate our calendars, make a big family dinner, and just rest before the week ahead!  So, there you go….and that’s our weekends in a nutshell!

I can’t wait to read about how everyone else does their weekends!  These are always my favorite kinds of topics!!  Thanks for the fun link up, girls! Happy Wednesday, friends! XOXO Narci

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  1. You are such a busy mama but do it all with such ease and grace. Your precious fam is so blessed to have you! xoxo


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