Photo 101: Editing Workflow

Hey, y’all!!  Today is our awesome monthly feature, Photo 101, which is all about photography!  It has been a big hit with you guys, and I am so happy to be answering your photo-related questions again and sharing a few tips along the way!!     Each month, we will talk about various topics.  So far, we’ve discussed:

taking great pictures with your iPhone

where to print you images

photo storage

 being a mom with a camera

and composing your images

And, today, I am covering Editing Workflow!  When you take a picture, the goal is to get your images correct “in camera” with the settings and such.  However, when you are caught up in the moment of shooting young children or don’t have time to set your settings perfectly…then adjustments are often needed in the “editing” or “post production” stage to correct your images!  Also, this is where you can add your own personal flair and style to an image.

Your editing WORKFLOW is the order in which you edit your images during this process!   Have you ever been overwhelmed when you’ve pulled your images into your editing software and wonder what comes first?  Well, this is just for you!

My Editing Workflow

-Shoot in Camera Raw

This is always your first step!  The editing capabilities are basically endless when shooting in RAW…your images are a blank canvas in this format!  There’s a learning curve for shooting this way, but you will love it once you get the hang of it!

-Pull into editing software and Correct Exposure as Needed

-Adjust White Balance and Sharpening as needed


So far, you’ve made any basic corrections needed to the image.  Saving as a JPEG at this point allows you to have a base image…so you can add in the creative effects and cosmetic fixes!

-Adjust Color Balance and Tone, Crop if needed, and do any Skin Cleanup work

-Add Creative Effects

On this, I truly believe: to each their own….my style tends to be a clean edit with some pop, but that’s the beauty of being in an artistic field. If you love a hazy, grainy image….then go for it! 🙂

Most professional photographers use either Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop (or some combination of the two.)  I work exclusively in Photoshop, and this is only because that’s all that I could afford when I started over 12 years ago. haha. 😉 Working in Photoshop is such second nature to me now!  However, I have been dabbling in Lightroom a bit lately…and lots of photographers love to work in that platform exclusively.  So, I don’t think you can go wrong with either!

I hope this helps you with your editing workflow!  Learning about post production can be such a challenge, but developing a editing workflow that works for you can be a huge timesaver!

 Have some ideas on what would you guys like to cover next month for our Photo 101 topic?  I am all ears…just leave a comment with your questions!  Happy Thursday, y’all!! XOXO N

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7 replies

  1. Hi Narci! I’m fairly new to photography, what is the purpose of saving in JPEG at the point in which you recommend? Thanks so much for any reply 🙂


    • Hi, Jami! Great question! This is my personal preference and not necessary, but I like to do it after I’ve made any basic corrections but before I add any of the cosmetic or creative effects. That way if I don’t love where I’m going creatively….I can go back to the base image. 🙂 does that make sense?


  2. I am loving this series and just went back and reread the previous ones too! I like how you tell Mommas to get in the photos with their kiddos. I’m always trying to figure out how to best take selfies when no one else is around to take the picture. Any selfie suggestions on angles, lighting, etc?!


I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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