Tuesday Talk

Hey, y’all! Today, I am linking up with the sweetest girls,Ashley and Erika, for their  fun link-up “Tuesday Talk!”


So, today,  we are talking family photos and putting together a few useful tips for wardrobe!!  It’s almost time to start booking Fall sessions, and wardrobe can be the toughest part of preparing!


Location can be a key factor in deciding what to wear for your portraits. A downtown or urban location with alleys, brick walls, and lots of textures lends itself to a different clothing scheme than a park with green grass and bridges. Let the location inspire your clothing choices!  

Make sure it Works in your Home

What do I want on my walls? When you decide to hang or showcase the final product in your home, would a fun and colorful image work best?  Or would a neutral, classic look blend best with your home decorating scheme?

Starting is half the battle

Where do I start? Usually, I think it’s easiest to make the kids’ clothing choices first beginning with the girls in the family. Let’s face it…coming up with girls’ outfits is probably the most complicated part of putting together a family wardrobe. Boys clothing is much easier to coordinate once you have a general theme going!

Moms, my advice is to spend some time deciding what you want to accentuate or downplay in your photos. We all have our strong features, so make sure to consider that when choosing your wardrobe!

Dads…I feel like their outfits require the least amount of effort. Try a button down in a color that compliments their skin tone. Roll up the sleeves, add a modern pair of jeans and a nice pair of shoes…and you are done! 🙂 easy peasy!!

What else

Accessories and Details–Simple works, but if you love a more contrasting or vibrant look, don’t be afraid to use patterns, color, accessories, or jewelry to make your images more visually interesting. This can really elevate an image! If you decide to use patterns, I’d stick to 1-2  so the image isn’t too busy.   As far as colors go–deep and rich colors (black, blue, purple, etc) tend to photograph the best but a good photographer can make most colors work.

Most of all, your outfits should reflect your family’s personality! Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through or  to add some extra details to really make your images special. You will cherish these photos for a lifetime!

Happy Tuesday y’all!!!  Thank you for the fun linkup, ladies! Xoxo Narci








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  1. I’m calling this-ERIKA’S REMINDER POST!! I’ve gotta get ON it!! This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!


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