A little throwback

Hey, y’all!!  Today, I thought it might be fun to do a little throwback post here!  A fun behind the scenes look at what life was like with our three before this little blog started…

Even back to the days when I was just a boy mom.  πŸ™‚ 

We had waited so long for Luke, and we all were a little over the moon to have him with us!

And, when Luke was 7.5 months old, we were thrilled to find out we were expecting a precious little girl.   If you are doing the math, that means that there are 5 years in between our boys and 17 months in between the youngest two. πŸ™‚  

A daughter.  

I didn’t even know to pray for something so special. This was just a straight up gift from God, and it couldn’t have been sweeter. So, then, we had three precious faces to love.

That stage of life was a big blur of trying to keep up with an active boy in addition diapers, bottles vs. breastfeeding, nap schedules, and potty training. πŸ˜‰ 

I feel like I have tried it all in regards to the parenting advice of little ones out there…and when it comes down to it…loving BIG and letting God’s grace and direction forge the path has never let us down. We followed every parenting rule perfectly with Jackson and by the time Presley rolled into town…we were all “Here is a paci and a pop tart, love. Would you like to watch more TV?” (haha. maybe I am exaggerating a little here ;)) I am happy to announce that all 3 turned out fine…so, if you are in that season of life…feel free to give yourself some grace. πŸ™‚ It’s going to be okay, I promise. 

 Our church used to do a drive-thru nativity performance called Christmas Journey.  (I am SO PUMPED: we are doing it again this Christmas!!) And, for several years in a row, Rob took on the role of Joseph and Jackson was Jesus, as a boy.  They were so cute!

I also came across our big boy with his first baseball trophy…he was 4.5 years old here!   It’s hard to believe that he heads into high school NEXT MONTH. 

Oh, and this last picture of him just makes me laugh.   

For a handful of years, Jackson took a shine to the LSU tigers…mainly because they were  Ole Miss’ big rivals….and he’s always liked to start a good old fashioned SEC college football smack talk session with his mama.  

For Heavens sake, he finally came to his senses about a year ago and has traded his Tigers in for my Rebels….and it’s just like the Bible says…teach them in the way that’s right and eventually they will come back around.  I’m not sure they were talking about college football in that passage, but that’s beside the point. πŸ˜‰

His baby brother, Luke, has chosen to follow in his brother’s controversial football steps and is an Alabama fan…and I told him that I didn’t care how much he loves the Crimson Tide, I refuse to buy him an Alabama backpack.  A girl has to draw the line somewhere. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of Luke….


When I was looking back through old pictures of him….I just couldn’t pass on these mischievous grins.  He was definitely my toddler with a wild streak.    πŸ˜‰  

In fact, he is the reason that we stopped using the grocery carts with the little car or firetruck attached to the front.  In theory, these are genius….but Luke’s shenanigans just couldn’t be contained so far out of my reach…haha!  On many occasions, I found the following: Luke naked (true story), his shoes gone and hidden somewhere in the store (this is also why he didn’t wear shoes for an extended period of time), and various grocery items opened and eaten.  Luke is my one that tried to surf down my stairs in an Amazon packing box (his first stitches) and also open a water bottle with a butter knife (we thought the butter knives were harmless.  He proved us wrong).   The moral of this story is that Luke’s fraternity brothers are going to love him in college. The End. πŸ˜‰

Miss Presley stormed into our world, and she quickly won this guy’s heart!   He still has a huge soft spot for his baby sister.

It’s such a shame that I didn’t embrace all the bows and girl clothes, right? πŸ˜‰

This is one of my favorite pictures of new baby Presley! Christmas plus a sweet baby girl: some of my very favorite things!

So, there you go!   I hope you enjoyed our little throwback today!!  What a fun little change of pace! Tomorrow, I am  back with a Day in the life! Woohoo! Happy Wedensday, y’all!! XOXO Narci

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14 replies

  1. Luke’s mischievous grin is the cutest thing ever! I would have fed him Pop Tarts every single day if he smiled at me like that.


  2. I love this post!! Especially that your boys love other SEC teams! That cracked me up! And, I’m pretty sure that is what that Bible verse means!!


  3. Loved this!! I laughed so hard at your line that Luke’s fraternity brothers are going to love him in college! So true!


  4. I love your love for SEC football and refusal to buy a bama backpack. #Dawgs4life though πŸ˜‰ Also, your kids are the cutest!


  5. I loved this post, especially the part about SEC football! When my son was 2, we told him that “Alabama” and “Roll Tide” were bad words. He is now 7, and will still tell someone they are saying a bad word if either of those are said!


  6. No way Luke is taking to Alabama!! We need to have him over and teach him the bulldog way 😊❀🐢 lol! Miss you guys!!


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  8. Narci, I’m behind in my blog reading, but this has got to be one of my favorite posts you’ve ever written! I have been reading your blog for a long time, but I think this is my first time commenting. I loved all the pictures of your precious kids! And loved hearing your proud mama words about each of them. I just had a baby girl in June, and she has 2 older brothers just like ya’ll! Our boys are 4 and 2, and this is just an absolutely exhausting time with each of our kids still so “needy”. Thank you for your words to give myself some grace, and for the reminder to love big and trust God.


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