A Day in the Life

Hey, y’all!!  Today, I am sharing just a normal every day Wednesday in our lives!!!   I just love these posts and taking a little peek into someone else’s lives!   

In summer, I wake up early, so I can get a good chunk of work done before the kids wake up .    🙂 First, though, I worked on my Bible Study

And, then I moved to the office for work.  I finished and delivered this gallery and two others after working for a few hours!

On Wednesdays, we head to the gym…so I woke up the kids..they ate breakfast while I checked my planner for my to-do list for the day and had a second cup of coffee!  On Mondays and Wednesdays, I work half days so we can head out to have a little summer fun!   This day was just that kind of day! 🙂

Jackson has football conditioning early in the morning, so it was just these two cuties at the gym with me. 🙂

I wish I was a person who loved working out or things like ENDORPHINS and lunges and low carb meals, but sadly I’m not.  I go because I know it’s important to be healthy, and that’s about it.  The good news is that I am a big fan of all of the important things like tacos, queso, and reality TV…so there’s always that.  😉

   We spent a good 20 minutes flying paper airplanes outside after my class.  😉  I love the sweet, slow pace of summer.

This video doesn’t exist

After the gym, we picked up a few things from the store…

and swam at the pool!   We had so much fun with all of our friends!! 

Smith came over to play with Luke after we swam

And, I played the…should I shower  or just work in my swimsuit and coverup (and take a really long bath when the kids go to bed) game.  You can tell which option won.  Ha! Just keepin it real here. 😉

My friend, Amanda, recommended this book at the pool earlier this week, so I ordered it…it arrived on Wednesday in the mail, and it is SO pretty.  I am currently reading another book, but I can’t wait to pick this one up!

While the kids played, I culled through a newborn session

and worked on this post….after working for a few hours, I remembered that we had a meeting that night which meant that I needed to throw on some real clothes and some mascara!  

When we got there, we realized that the meeting was cancelled.  Oh my stars…too funny.

We got home, made breakfast for dinner, and just had the perfect cozy night at home.  PS I watered our flowers on the front porch, and they are doing great!

Jackson went up to church for youth group, and the younger two took early showers and watched a movie.  So, Rob and I watched our favorite summer TV show, Big Brother, while I caught up on laundry.


After that, I returned more emails, read a bit of my book, and was off to bed nice and early.

  Just a normal summer Wednesday over here at the Dreffs house!!   I hope you enjoyed it!!  I will see you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO N



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7 replies

  1. Big Brother last night…Eek!…I feel like Dom approached the entire thing all wrong. I was half covering my eyes the whole time.


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  3. Hope you love the book!! I think you will! Love day in the life posts!! I still feel like such a slacker because all my friends wake up at the crack of dawn even in the summer. #goals 😉

    That Inspired Chick


  4. Love your blog! Could you share your lipsticks brand/color. I really need a neutral and a bright and I think yours would work for me. Thanks!!


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