Weekend WrapUp

Hey, y’all!! We have had a great weekend!  Woohoo!  On Friday, Jackson left for a mission trip with our church…So, I head out to run all the errands with these two before the weekend!

We rewarded all of our hard work with BURGERS, because we’d had a long week! haha!!

This girl still had some birthday money to spend, so we hopped over to the Toy Store too!

After we got home, I worked on some images!  I am just culling images for this baby girl at the moment…but isn’t she the cutest!?!? I sent this iphone shot of my laptop to her mama!

On Saturday morning, we drove Luke and Carter out to Grapevine to meet up with the sweetest boy, Benton!   This is one of Luke’s very favorite friends, and we have been so sad since they moved to the other side of the metroplex!  To put it lightly, these boys were in Heaven!!  They drove the rest of the way to Benton’s house in Fort Worth, spent all day together, and were so happy to be reunited!!

Since we were in Grapevine already, we hopped over to the Downtown area and checked out all of the cute stores and such!

Almost exactly 7 years ago, Presley posed on this building in Downtown Grapevine during our family photo session!

So, we knew we had to recreate this pose!  

Presley and Rob had to get to volleyball practice, so we drove back home and hit up a fun Mexican restaurant along the way!  I think Presley enjoyed all the one on one time! 

My brisket tacos were amazing!

And, I spent the rest of the day shooting sessions!   On Sunday, we swam, grilled, and had so much fun!! 

The perfect end to a great weekend!

Happy Monday, y’all! XOXO Narci

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