10 Things on Tuesday!

Hey, friends!! Today is one of my very favorite features!

We did this last month and had so much fun!  So, here we go: 10 Things for your Tuesday! Enjoy!

  1.  Royal Update–Prince George turned four, and I am still so obsessed!  I mean, how cute is that pout?? The whole family is just too much!
  2. Mission Trip–So, Jackson went on his last middle school mission trip, and we were so happy to hear about all of his adventures!!  They dug flower beds and trenches, painted, mended fences, and threw block parties for different areas down in Galveston!  They worked so hard, and I am so proud of all those sweet teenagers!
  3.  Big Brother–Friends!  I have so much to say about this season!  Are you watching?   I love Kevin, but Jessica….oh girl!I couldn’t  believe about how she dropped the bomb about getting the temptation last week during the eviction!   She is probably regretting not evicting a stronger player  last week!  She and Cody need a social game tutorial!  Also, I know that everyone is tired of listening to Josh (#meatball), but am I the only one who is tired of seeing Jason pelvic thrust every chance he gets?  haha!  Jason, stop that! πŸ˜‰
  4. Perfect Dreamy Light Gray paint? In between episodes of Big Brother, I am working on redoing my studio!   When we moved in (almost!) 2 years ago, I was so thankful to have a dedicated studio space for my clients!  For many years, I operated out of my living room with a portable background system!  πŸ™‚   Six months after we moved in, we installed a permanent background system, but I am just now taking on the process of painting and adding a few finishing touches!  I can’t go dark in this room, but I love the idea of a gorgeous dreamy, light gray paint!   Right now, my first choice is Classic Gray from Benjamin Moore, but I am grabbing some samples to try today from my local paint store!
  5.  I should have named this 9 things on Tuesday, but 10 sounded cuter.  πŸ˜‰
  6. These new signs–On top of the new paint, I bought these new signs to display!  I love this one for over my desk!
    and this one for the dominant wall!
  7. This chandelier–I’m really thinking this light fixture would be the perfect finishing touch as well!  I will keep you updated on the progress as it happens!
  8. Can we talk straight for a little bit here? Why are these bathing suit pads even removable? I found myself wondering this  yesterday as I was wrestling with one of my bathing suit tops.  
    I feel like these are there for a reason…Bathing suit manufacturers….let’s just start sewing these puppies in.  I am too tired to be searching for these in the dryer anymore.  The end. πŸ˜‰
  9. I am coaching Presley’s cheer team in the Fall, and I literally can’t even with the uniform!  Good heavens, it is going to be all kinds of adorable!  Uniforms in mini size never stop being cute, do they?
  10. And, finally, I was able to dig into this book at the pool yesterday, and it was SO GOOD!  If you need a new fun chick lit book, this is your book!  I think this is going to be one of my favorite books in a long time!  So clever and cute!There we go!  10 very random things on Tuesday!  I hope you enjoyed!!  Are you a Big Brother fan?  Tell me your thoughts  about this season in the comments!   Have a great day, y’all! XOXO Narci

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8 replies

  1. Oh my goodness..where to start!?
    1. So beyond Royally obsessed. I watched the Lindo Wing camera when Kate was in labor with George. He’s still just too cute!
    2. YES why are bathing suit pads removable!? It’s always a struggle to get those things just right!
    3. Mini cheer suits😍😍😍We are getting ready to plan my Little’s appearance wardrobe, and cheer uniforms are a big possibility. She has to have matching outfits with her sister queens, and I’m definitely voting for cheer outfits!
    Happy Tuesday!


  2. Hi Narci, I just finished If You Only Knew! I read about it on Shay’s blog yesterday and finished it last night! I loved it:). I downloaded On Second Thought by KH today. I can’t wait to get started. Happy reading!


  3. Absolutely detest removable pads ~ especially in sports bras! Grrr, I hate having to put them back in after they’ve been washed!


  4. Really, I’m with you, why in the world would they not sew those pads in? That’s a bother no woman wants to fool with. Cute post!


  5. #8?! Hahahah, yes ma’am!! And I’m so glad you and Shay are now Higgins fans!! I love having friends to obsess with!! haha Hope you like the next one too!! (I know you will!)

    That Inspired Chick


  6. YES! Those removable pads drive me crazy in sports bras. I’ve started taking mine to a seamstress and getting them sewn in. Also, I’m currently reading that book and loving it! Thank you!! πŸ™‚ Have a great day!


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