Back To School :)

Hey, y’all!!  Today, I am thinking about Back to School preparations and sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks!!

Start now 🙂stm505888dd6621220120918School starts in about a month for us,  so I am starting to watch sales, make our shopping lists, and get organized!

Take Inventory of what you need, and make a list for each child! clipart-pencil-checklistNow is the time that we  pull out the backpacks, lunch boxes, and take stock o of everyone’s clothes.  Make a detailed list of what each child needs, and mark things off as you get them!

Schedule Dental, Vision, and Physical Exams. How-To-Choose-An-Eye-Doctor We have our vision, dental, and physicals all scheduled!  Woohoo!

Get your paperwork in line.  paperwork-clipart-jixEXog9TImmunizations records, Proof of Residency, Birth Certificates, and more.  Let’s all pull that now and put them somewhere safe so we can access them easily!

School Supply Lists. supplies If your school offers back to school supply packages, then that is always nice!  If not or you forgot to order last year, I like to take our lists to Target or Walmart early in the morning!  It’s not too busy, and I will still have ALL of my patience to find the special brand of #2 pencils and the magenta folders with NO POCKETS and THREE  BRADS ONLY. 😉

Start a back to school tradition.  

We read a special book to the kids, pray over them, and usually plan an end of summer fun activity to shut down summer! 🙂

Establish a routine 🙂 

I love a good routine to help our days run more smoothly!  It makes getting out the door, and the homework/dinner/sports crunch that much easier!


Once we get the kids into school, I feel like it is full time job corresponding with all of the teachers, coaches, and such! 😉  So, here are my top 3 tips on how to keep it all straight!

Write it all down


I write everything down in my Erin Condren planner and on a calendar white board near our laundry room!  This helps keep everything organized!

The planner is mostly for my sanity, and the whiteboard is for the rest of the family so that they can see our month as well! Soccer games, football practices, birthday parties…it’s all there!

Create a separate email account for your kids’ teachers and coaches

Before I did this, the football coach’s emails were getting lost among the Gap ads and spam!   Now, I can easily find all of the emails that I need!


Also, I make sure to email the kids’ teachers first thing in the morning so that they have plenty of time to respond that day!

Prep it all the night before


Lunches, backpacks, and outfits…we prep it all the night before just so that there is very little to do during our morning routine!   This helps things run smoothly, and removes the stress from getting out the door!

What are your best back to school prep tips?  I love hearing all of your great ideas!  Sound off in the comments!  Happy Wendesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci


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6 replies

  1. I love all these ideas and as a former teacher it is so kind of you to consciously email in the morning to give the teacher time to respond 😊


  2. Great tips, Narci! As part of back to school prep, I also start doing some extra cooking and meal prep to have things on hand in the freezer for nights that I know will be super busy and when we have limited time after sports practices/games etc… this has really helped me in past years! ! I do thinks like meatballs, crock pot prep (just dump the bag in the crock pot in the morning!) and taco meat.


  3. I’m with Sheaffer!! My kids have been going to bed sooo late every night, that it’s going to be a mess trying to get them back on a schedule! Not looking forward to it! Love all your tips, Narci D!! That separate email thing is genius.

    That Inspired Chick


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